First Draft Thinking

What I’m thinking to do for my rhetorical analysis paper, is to put it in the format of an argumentative essay. For my analysis the prevailing argument I’m going to use is that we need to end racism and inequality in our society. I’m choosing this theme because after reading the articles and poems a lot fo them were connected to racism and inequality and I feel that I could write a really good analysis paper based on one of the main problems in our society. I’m going to look at the articles that are provided and choose two that have the best evidence to prove my argument. Then I will start planning out the format of the paper.

One thought on “First Draft Thinking

  1. Hey Christopher,

    I think you’re off to an amazing start on writing your Rhetorical Analysis. In this short paragraph, you discuss all the necessities to write a good rhetorical analysis paper like formatting it and needing essays to back up your claim/argument. I also personally love your choice of topic to argue over so good luck on it!

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