Prevailing Argument

The world is changing day by day, evolving, improving our lives making them much easier. In the last couple of decades, we have been part of the Digital Revolution that changed human life more than any other period in time before. This Revolution changed the way we interact with each other, how business functions, impacted our economy, the government, and our social life as well. But with all these benefits it also had it negative aspect which people tend to relate with less job as robots and machines will replace them. This is completely untrue as the percentage of working people has just been growing but with the machines, we have been more productive at the things we do. In the future, there are going to be humans and Artificial Intelligence(AI) working together dependent on each other and not being replaced by it.

3 thoughts on “Prevailing Argument

  1. Super interesting pieces and ideas you will be dealing with in your rhetorical analysis! I really like how in your prevailing argument you present the reality and then a common misconception people have about the future of AI…. I think this all comes together at the end when you talk about how he will most likely work interconnectedly as opposed to being mutually exclusive. Great job I think this analysis will be super interesting!

  2. This seems to be the start of your introduction. I like how you provided context and are slowly arriving at the main argument of your paper. I agree with Raina, it will be an interesting read.

  3. Nice start for an introduction-introducing a topic and then clarifying it with misconceptions people have on the topic. There are details showing the problems within your topic, and enforces your argument at the same time.

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