Roderick Joshua’s Literacy Narrative Brainstorm

Literacy Narrative Brainstorm
Due: Wednesday, September 15th

Before you set out to tell a story about how you’ve gradually acquired and developed your literacy in a given discourse community, I invite you to first unpack your working knowledge of three potential topics, from which you will then choose one in particular to serve as the focus of your literacy narrative. My hope here is that you will hash out some of the key narrative moments that have come to define your literacy in these topics, while also enabling in you the means to further explore the close-knit, interconnected relationship between your memories of the past and your imagination of the future.

i. Conventions: What are three specific conventions associated with the discourse of your topics?

Topic 1: Competitive Gaming
1. Regional 3 Champions, Envy, had to face the great NRG who have won RCLS numerous times.
2. Winter split is the most intense period of the RLCS season.
3. Loser Brackets matchups are the most intense matchups in RLCS.

Topic 2: Content creating
1. SquishyMuffinz “Road to Rank#1” series is regarded as the best Rocket league Videos by many in the Rocker League community.
2. SunlessKhan is unarguably the most informative Rocket league blogger out there.
3. Joesandman was once the best trader on Rocket league.

Topic 3: In-game communicating
1. Rotating is a crucial part of winning competitive threes.
2. Ball chasing is a tactic that leaves your team’s defense vulnerable.
3. “Bad tm8” is a term used by players when believing their teammate is the reason, they’re losing the game.
ii. Discourse community: Can you describe two memories in which you joined in conversation with members of the discourse community associated with these topics?

Topic 1:
1. In 2019 the RLCS Champions at the time, Cloud 9, shocked the community and fell into the loser’s bracket. They were to face a new rising them called the Pittsburgh Knights. In the losers’ brackets whoever loses the match-up is officially eliminated from the RLCS. Cloud 9 continued to shock the world by being the first champions to not make it the final stage of RLCS.
2. Regional 3 or what is commonly known as North America, had an intense championship game. NRG was facing an upcoming team, “ENVY”. Envy impressed the rocket league scene by keeping up with RLCS champions. Eventually, though, NRG was too much to handle, and Envy couldn’t keep up to pace.

Topic 2:
1. Back in my Sophomore and Junior year of Highschool I used to watch SquishMuffinz “Road to rank#1” series often to improve my own skills. The videos were of great assistance as Squishy would also vocally give out tips to his audience as he played.
2. SunlessKhan is not only the best Rocket league blogger of all time but one of the best in the gaming community in general. There was this one video I watched of his where he would discuss and break down the best goal in RLCS history. It was an inspirational video and made me get back on rocket league right after watching.

Topic 3:
1. In my early days of playing rotating was hard to understand. I used to never rotate and just stay on offense.
2. Also in my early days, I would ball chase and never space out from my teammate. It caused my vulnerabilities in our Defense.

iii. Literacy sponsor: Can you describe two specific ways in which a literacy sponsor has introduced you to the discourse communities and/or conventions of these topics?

Topic 1: SquishyMuffinz would talk about RLCS in his YouTube videos. Rocket League also promoted it in-game.

Topic 2: SquishyMuffinz was always talked about in Rocket League communities throughout social Media platforms, so I gave him a watch and started to enjoy his content too. Also, I just discovered SunlessKhan by searching up Rocket League on YouTube and saw one of his videos. I found the video interesting and so I clicked on it and subscribed right after.

Topic 3: I learned these terms while playing the game. People will just type them in chat, and I slowly started to understand the meaning of them. Also, people like squishyMuffinz and SunlessKhan would mention them.