Writer’s Letter – Lucas Fernandez

Over the course of writing my literary narrative, I have had to revise my work many times. Each time I had revised my work, I noticed something wrong with it and thought of ways to change it to make it sound better. One way I have been able to decide what should be changed is by having my work reviewed by my classmates. Peer review has been useful in revising my work in many ways. It has helped me with my peers pointing out how vague most of my lines were. I hadn’t thought of it when writing, but I realized that the memories I was talking about made sense to me since I experienced it; they wouldn’t make sense to others if I didn’t put more detail into what I felt and everything that happened. The comments also helped me by pointing out the smaller but just as important details throughout my essay. Some misspellings here, grammatical errors there, and even lines that needed to be taken out completely or changed to better fit into the context of the paragraphs. The comments that my classmates left behind after reading my work not only helped make my work better, but made me better as a writer.
Another way my essay has been improved is by working with my professor during office hours. I had set up an appointment with Professor Muhlbauer after finishing my first draft to go over what I could do to improve it. Talking with him made me see all of the different things that I could change throughout my essay. During our meeting, he showed me (just like my classmates) how much more detail I could add into my essay overall. He also told me how some lines in my paragraphs could be expanded upon more, like the memories surrounding a certain game I played as a kid or maybe how I could talk more about how I saw technology changing at a faster rate while I grew up. Talking to him opened my eyes up to how much more I could do for my essay as a whole. Just by pointing out the paragraphs hiding in a single line of a sentence in my essay, he helped me add more detail that I likely would have left out.