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The Ku Klux Klan of the 1920’s

The second Klan is organization in 1915 by William Simmons, it is established in Atlanta. This midea was produced in December16,2007. Olivia Leclair and Kelsey Schaller are  depicted this video.  The second Klan Party has is fame at that time. Its influence … Continue reading

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Economic benefits of transport

The extensive use of electricity, internal combustion engines and create a new transport was quickly applied to industrial production and contributed greatly to economic development. And the World War didn’t effect the United Stated that another reason improve the economic … Continue reading

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US-Soviet Cold War

  US-Soviet Cold War hegemony over forty years of international relations after the war had a profound impact in many aspects of the historical lesson worth thinking about. Human community must resolutely oppose hegemony and power politics. Hegemony and power … Continue reading

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