Xbox One Headset Central

If you have ever tried to pick out the best Xbox One headset, I’m sure you found it difficult.

As a gamer, I wanted to own a headset with great sound quality, one that would make me feel like I’m truly within the game.
I felt as if there were not enough resources for me to pick out the best one, so I decided to make a website that went into detail into Xbox One headset reviews.

I reviewed several headsets over a period of time and wrote down my thoughts on each of them in several different price ranges.

For those with a tight budget, I wrote an article about the best cheap Xbox One headsets.

For gamers who want a more serious product but still not spend a large amount of money, I created a list of the best mid-range Xbox One headsets.

Finally, for those who wanted a truly luxurious product with extraordinary sound and build quality, I recorded my picks for the top Premium Xbox One headsets.

I also extended my site to feature some game reviews, as well as the fundamental Xbox One accessories that every owner should own.

I really hope that I can help some people out with the website! I really feel like I came up with some good decisions with my best Xbox One headset reviews.  Please visit it and let me know what you think at

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I remember reading an article about people who get killed in the subway tracks. I am shocked that people would stand so close to the platform. They could easily fall down. They need to be more careful and make sure they don’t fall down. Every time, I get near the platform, I do get a bit scared. You could easily fall down and by the time the train comes, it’s already too late. I do wonder why some people walk so close to the platform. Trains can be dangerous if you are not cautious enough. I advise that passengers who wait in the train station be “cautious”.


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David Wu

Hello.  My name is David Wu.  I like to play sports such as soccer and basketball.  Often I like to use the computer and study from it.  I study sometimes.  I also learn math too and try to apply the math I learn to the world.






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Post 3 (I don’t know if this is too late, but I still felt like writing something)

I don’t know if this too late, but I still felt like writing about my first semester, so here it is:

A. My experiences at Baruch College, overall, have far more than lived up to my expectations. I’ve enjoyed nearly every minute, and I knew I made the right college choice.

B. I think my first semester went pretty well. Some classes were not as “easy” as I thought they’d be, but I appreciated an academic challenge that I had never faced before. I feel like I made many new friends, many of them more relatable than most of the people I knew in high school. Despite all the work, my four months at Baruch were far happier than my four years of high school.

C. If I could do anything differently, I would’ve tried to have gotten more involved on campus. I plan to join some clubs in the spring though, so it gives me something to look forward to. I would’ve also tried to take advantage of SACC, but I think my GPA this semester will be turn out just fine. Also, I would try to not procrastinate.

D. I already can tell that Baruch has greatly changed me. I don’t know why, but I feel much more mature and self-confident. I feel more like a leader and less like a follower, which I think is a part of college.

I guess this is the end for Freshmen Seminar, but I had a great time, and hope to see all of my classmates again in the future.

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Sidney Mishkin Gallery – Milt Hinton

I went to the Sidney Mishkin Gallery again, with my friends in order to write something for this blog. The first time we had gone there it was because our English teacher took us there so that we could later on write a paper about what we saw.  We decided to go back there again, because the first time we went it was somewhat interesting and we thought that it would be a little more interesting this time because it had to do with Jazz. When we walked in, we realized that we were the only ones in there and I thought wow this exhibit must suck because there is nobody in here, but as soon as we started to look around I realized that there were interesting pictures hanging up. Although I am not too familiar with famous people of the Jazz era I recognized some of their faces, although I still had to look at the descriptions of the photos in order to learn their names. They say that a picture is worth 1000 words and that’s very true, because if you were to read the descriptions of all the pictures without actually seeing the pictures you would just know some information about the Jazz era, but by looking at the photographs you kind of experience the moment of when that photograph was taken. The photos help you put yourself in that time period and imagine what it would have been like living in that era. The photos also caught the emotion of these people and that also helped me generate a connection with the photo. My favorite pictures are those when the people don’t know that they’re being photographed because then you feel that the photo is genuine and that all the emotions and actions in that photo are real and are happening naturally rather then being planned or directed. The photos in the gallery were either taken by or featured Milt Hinton, who was both a Jazz player and photographer. He is referred to as “The dean of Jazz bass Players” or “The Judge.” I don’t think that I’ve ever heard any of his songs, but his photographs are really good and he had a talent for capturing the Jazz mood.

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I went up to 1000 because I’m late on everything.

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Well I know this is kind of late, scratch that really late, but I think we should donate to Red Cross. Red Cross is an organization that prepares communities for disasters, does blood drives and provides training for emergency situations. Red Cross trains individuals in CPR, lifeguarding and first aid among other things, in fact one of my friends has a CPR certification and a first aid certification from Red Cross. I thing we should donate to Red Cross because it trains people for disaster and emergency situations.

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Eugene Sarantis final blog

a. Tell us how your experience at Baruch College has lived up to your expectations? Not lived up to your expectations? Exceeded your expectations?

It has lived up to my expectations because the professors are great.
b. How well do you think your first semester at Baruch College went?

c. What would you do differently during your first semester is you could do it all again?

No regrets.
d. How have you changed since you started at Baruch College?

Not much.



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Andreas Stylianou Final Blog, Finally!

a. Tell us how your experience at Baruch College has lived up to your expectations? Not lived up to your expectations? Exceeded your expectations?

my experience at baruch is very nice. It has exceeded my expectations in which i have become an elite ping pong player from the excitement that has been thrusted upon me in the game room from the heavy influence from the school, i hope to win much coin in the future.
b. How well do you think your first semester at Baruch College went?

it went well I’m looking at a bright future. In ping pong of course. much coin, much coin to be in my purse.
c. What would you do differently during your first semester is you could do it all again?

I could do nothing differently, like i said i have gained much coin.
d. How have you changed since you started at Baruch College?

Ive had won many battles and gotten much coin.

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Community Service

Soyoung Kwon

EHS Thanksgiving Food Drive

1. How did your community service work help the community?

Some people really overindulge with Thanksgiving while there are others starving in the city. Being a part of the food drive and also donating helps the community by giving the less fortunate a bit of a “real” Thanksgiving.

2. What were your initial reactions upon hearing that you would be engaging in a community service project?

Initially, I was a little annoyed that there would be out of school work for a zero credit class. After some thinking I realized that this shouldn’t even be considered “school work”. Giving back to the community should be something that is genuinely voluntary.

3. How did it make you feel to give your time and energy to others?

It felt satisfying to give back and know that someone truly appreciates the food that is being given to them by an anonymous person.

5. What stands out as the best and/ or most trying experiences that occurred while engaging in your community service project? What did you learn from these experiences?

I think the best experience that occurred while engaging in this project was just talking to the other people who also volunteered to collect food about their personal experiences and stories of people they know.
6. How did engaging in this project relate to your education and the larger issues in society?

It opened my eyes to the fact that the homeless people that I see everyday are friends and family members of other people and see poverty as pathology.

7. How did your community service experience relate to the “Leadership and Service” session?


Did not attend.

8. How has your community service experience changed your thinking, attitudes, and actions towards others, yourself, the community, and community service work as a whole?

Since I helped collect food and also donate food for the drive, I became more understanding of the people on the subways who collect food on a daily basis for the homeless and less fortunate. I have a new admiration for these people.
9. How has your community service experience impacted you personally? What is the most important thing you learned about yourself throughout this experience?

Participating in the food drive helped me take a step back and look at the larger picture of life; there is more to life than just school,work,family, and friends. I was reminded that taking care of your community is also very important. The most important thing I learned about myself from this experience was that I can help make someone’s day everyday.

10. Were you satisfied with your experience overall? Why or why not?

I wish I was able to be more active in the food drive, but it was an overall fulfilling experience.
11. do you see yourself staying involved in the community during your college and adult years? Why or why not?

I’d like to stay involved just because I feel as if change is really possible if more people get involved with giving back to the community.

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