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fro11brb 2011-12-01 15:29:42

It would probably be a little sketchy to have a picture of this but now that we’re registering for classes and freaking out about next semester… I would say talking to people at registrar doesn’t work. They say things like ‘if you can’t find any classes to take you can just take a semester off.’
-___- So yeah they don’t work haha! No offense :)

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Well I love to eat. I can eat a lot and a lot and a lot. But for some reason I never gain any weight. Even after eating at a buffet and stuffing myself I never gain a pound whereas other people gain a pound or two. I eat when I’m bored, happy, and tried, but I never eat when I’m sad cause I just don’t and I’m not a girl. I love to order out because I’m too lazy to cook food for myself and I have no idea what to make. I always try to find an excuse to go out and eat for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. I don’t exactly have a picture of my eating or my foods because I don’t take those kinds of pictures.

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What doesn’t work?

Take and share a photo of something at Baruch that “doesn’t work”. This includes technology, but could also be expanded to include systems or organizational structures that are self-defeating. If you have made any effort to address this problem, document and share these interventions. If your problem persists over time, document this too. What interventions would you recommend to address this issue?

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