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Identities in motion II

NOT MONOLOGUE (Continue from Identities in motion I)

… I then drop my realist’s thoughts and put myself into people’s shoes. Many different type of people but I could never cover them all. I am a philosopher, and I don’t try to solve the problem of trying to feed the poor. I seek the truth to the questions as to why people starve. Why people die? Why people are lost? But these answers are hard to answer, so I shed my philosophical thoughts and think socially. The interactions of poor and rich people in society, not physically but why are there poor and rich people. Why people have certain advantage over the others? Etc… The questions keeps on coming…


I run on a soul. It is the fuel that allows me to think and perceive. Back then, in high school, I perceived many actions from classmates to random people in the hallways. It was an amusing perception, because all these people provide a distinct kind of drama for me, comedy. I don’t revel in these dramas, as in seeing people do stupid things. I find life more interesting as I see people interact and leaving a funny scar in its place. This scar is for me to laugh at that moment, and for the “actors” to remember (if it’s memorable). In a way, I’m seeing peace within my high school; compared to other high school, where violence is common.

       But then, the season finale came a long (senior year), and all these dramas are lost. Like I said before, it was funny while it lasted, but I can’t remember all of it. I only cherish the moments between me and my friends.

       College drama is so different. There is less comedy, and more of reality. I guess it comes with age, maturity. People do less stupid things. The language is diverse enough that eavesdropping is impossible. Couples holding hands. It’s rare to see someone twice on the same day at Baruch.  The food is expensive. And etc…

       In other words, everything is more serious. Relationships, the GPA, job experience, networking and the likes. But being human, in a way, it’s our natural property to adapt. Certainly it will be difficult for a procrastinator like me, to assimilate seriousness. I perceive everything before college as unimportant. But with all importance now… I think it’s time to elevate myself for maturity.

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