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1-Tell us how your experience at Baruch College has lived up to your expectations? Not lived up to your expectations? Exceeded your expectations?
Going to college in the city has definitely lived up to my expectations, from the frenetic pace of daily life to the many exciting things to do. However going to Baruch specifically, I’m kind of disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm in school clubs and events. I think it’s different for me because I dorm in the lower east side, while most students have to commute but nonetheless its disheartening to see people just wanting to get home as soon as they get out of class. On the positive side, I like my English 2150 class a lot. My Professor is hilarious and mean in a sarcastic way, but also teaches us valid ways to be a good writer. I also enjoy how the school schedule is much more laid back over the drudgery of the 80 minute periods at my high school.
2- How well do you think your first semester at Baruch College went?
I believe I could have done better and paid more attention to my course work. The city can be a very distracting place, and I found myself going out to explore instead of studying for a test more often than not.
3- What would you do differently during your first semester if you could do it all over again?
I would definitely study more and focus on course material, especially in Calculus.
4- How have you changed since you started at Baruch College?

I have developed a much more worldly attitude, and have a newfound responsibility. I’m away from home and in control of my own life. Since my parents won’t provide me with money for food or transportation, I’ve been working at Uniqlo to establish a kind of self-sufficiency.

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My experience at Baruch College has definitely lived up to my expectations. I pretty much had a clear idea of how everything was going to run. I’ve gotten to meet so many people from all types of different backgrounds. It’s honestly been pretty incredible to be a part of something so huge. The classes were easier than I thought they would be. I thought that it would be extremely difficult to keep up with classes, get involved with other clubs and activities, and have a life but I have found that it’s a lot easier to manage.

My first semester at Baruch College went very well. For the most part, I put in a lot of effort for almost every single class. I became extremely comfortable in my environment, made friends, and got to enjoy some of the things this city has to offer. I also learned how to better manage my time and keep track of my responsibilities. In addition, I’ve also joined a club that I am involved in and I love how it has expanded my horizons, helped me to become a more social person, and enabled me to see myself and others in a different light.

If I could rewind time and start my first semester at college all over again, I would definitely spend more time in the library. I commute so I get very tired by the time I get home and it’s extremely difficult for me to concentrate and get my work done at home considering all the things that easily distract me. Being in the library helps me focus a lot more. Another thing I would do is do all the homework for calculus. I started off doing all my homework and then I slacked off. I realized my mistakes and as of now, I do all the homework that I can. I sincerely hope it’s not too late to make a significant impact on my grades.

I am a more independent person and I have learned to manage my time, and money. Also, for a person that lacks any sense of direction, all I can say is that I have drastically improved. But I haven’t improved all that much when it comes to procrastination. Also, I realized that unlike high school, you can’t B.S. your way through your classes. The amount of effort you put into something will determine the results you reap afterwards. And that’s one lesson I hope to never forget.

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Matthew Gottesman – Reflection on Baruch

My expectations of Baruch were somewhat high when I first came in- Some people calling it the star of the CUNY system, and people in my neighborhood calling me things like a “genius” for entering Baruch. The opinion holds little weight seeing as how a low percent of my neighborhood is college educated, but I digress – My own personal opinion was that Baruch was a good place to be, with strong programs and interesting people. From the day I stepped in a bold, complex assortment of personalities and goals were to be found at every corner. Professors were highly accredited with books and websites dedicated to their fields, impressing me and motivating me to perform better. My uncle is employed here and he had told me of how Baruch has a great environment for education, and at a great cost.

Looking at Baruch in retrospect and to the future, for the money that one pays, it is the highest value in NYC for a non-dorming college experience, one that I am grateful and excited for.

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Baruch definitely exceed my expectations. I wanted a place where I could meet new people and experience New York but after reading things about Baruch over the internet and hearing about the campus from some people, I really thought that Baruch was going to be so boring because its a commuter school. People just go to class and go home and no one has a social life. I still think this is true but I truly feel that my first semester would not be the same without the block experience. It gives you an opportunity to get to know the people in your classes. I have met some of the coolest, most chill people I have ever met in my life. I so thankful to have met each and every one of them and hope we keep in touch after this semester. But I’ll know how well my first semester went when I get my grades. If I could do this semester over again, I would try to attend every class, take better notes in Biology and Math, and stop PROCRASTINATING!! I need to discipline myself and train myself to be a better student because this education is really all I have and my parents spend too much money for me to just waste this opportunity. I have so much at my disposal living here, I just want to make the most of it. I don’t think I really changed after coming to Baruch, I have just become a more open person. Open to new things, new people, new life.

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Sheila Sohayegh Mandatory 3

So far my experience at Baruch as definitely exceeded my expectations.  I have had a great first semester so far and things have been moving smoothly.  Aside from some cracks in the road (certain professors), I truly enjoy being a student at Baruch College.  If I was back being a senior at my high school and it was time to decide where to go to school, I would definitely choose Baruch again.  Coming in on my first day (or even getting my acceptance letter), I was really dreading the whole thing.  I wanted to be really far from home on a campus life school with a football team that everybody loved.  Baruch is clearly the opposite.  I am so pleased though.  My block is definitely what is making this experience as amazing as it is (it also hasn’t started snowing yet- NYC snow is gross).  The freshman seminar program is an extremely smart idea and they definitely should continue it in the future (but it should be 3 credits).  If I could go back and do things differently I would study a little bit every day so that right before exams I would not be so stressed.  Baruch has made me a more independent and more focused adult (and a soon to be Hipster).  I have realized that my parents won’t always be there for me and eventually I will need to stand on my own two feet completely.  I am still learning to manage my time properly with all this freedom that I have but I have definitely improved since August.  I have made friendships that will last for years to come and my goal for the future is to master my networking skills.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kristen, Ms. Venturo, and the DFA block- especially Mike, Victoria, Anjelica, Kolbein, and Youssef.  =]

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My First Semester~

It’s almost December, and my first semester at Baruch is nearly complete. I remember the first week of school feeling shy since I knew no one in my block, and worried that I’d end up getting lost going to class. But since then, things have changed. I’ve made friends in and out of my block, and people at Baruch are pretty nice. I consider Jay-J to be the first real friend that I’ve made at Baruch, and I thought she was a cool, down to earth chick who worked way too much! Kate and Eddie are really cool too; it’s funny how Kate always messes up around us and we never cease to have fun picking on her (in a nice way).

Baruch College overall met my expectations. I think my first semester went well, but I definitely could’ve done more things to make it better. I could’ve dedicated more time to studying, so that I wouldn’t have done so poorly on some tests :( Boo-hoo. I could’ve also joined a sorority, but I guess I left that off for next semester knowing that I should get use to the school first.

During my first semester at Baruch College, I also heard rumors that almost 50% of the people who major in Accounting drop out. Or something along those lines. That did get me thinking though. First, would I even make it that far to be an accountant? Second, do I even want to be an accountant? It’s too late now to change schools for me in my opinion, but if I had a chance to do it all over again, I might’ve chosen to go to a different school to major in a medical field.

I’ve changed a bit since I’ve started at Baruch College. I could definitely say that I try to be more outgoing and talkative than I usually am.  I also try to be more dependent on myself, rather than relying on others. If I don’t understand something, I usually make it a priority to take it upon myself to be responsible and figure out how to do it without anyone’s help. I don’t want to be a bother to some people just because I’m too lazy to do something myself. Besides, I can’t keep relying on people for the rest of my life.

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Reflection-Youssef Mamdouh

Being at Baruch has met all my expectations. I thought going in that I would be challenged and I’d also have a good time, and I am. All my classes have been challenging enough for me to stay involved in class but they haven’t been too hard. I’m also having a good time making friends and meeting new people from different places, and it helps open up my eyes to the amount of great opportunities I have at Baruch as well. I think my first semester went by really well. Grade wise, I’ve been doing very well and that is making me very happy. Minus one class, I haven’t been having too much trouble keeping up and doing well. In terms of socializing, it’s also been great. I’ve made lots of new friends who I have a great time with! If I could start the semester over again the only thing I would do would be to study more. I’ve been slacking by studying the night before, and although it hasn’t been a big deal, I could have done better on some of my exams if I studied for a longer period of time. I wouldn’t really do anything else differently because I’m very happy and content with my first semester. I feel like I am much more responsible now, and I’m more of an adult. I’m in a different place now than when I was in high school, and I’m more mature. Baruch hasn’t changed me but being in college has. I’ve become a lot more independent and I learned I can’t really wait for and depend/rely on others for a lot of things. I think it’s been a positive change, and hopefully it stays that way.

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Reflection – Kate Pangilinan

Getting into Baruch wasn’t exactly the highlight of my life so my expectations were next to nothing. I only chose to go here because it was affordable and really fantastic place to get my BBA. I didn’t expect to be partying every weekend because of the lack of a campus, my lack of a fake ID, and my lack of money, since clubs and drinks aren’t free. And I didn’t expect to make friends with anyone because that’s what everyone told me commuter college life would entail.

Well, I’m still not partying every weekend, but I do go out every so often; and I realize now that it really is such a good thing that I go to school in the city because there is always something to do (and if you disagree with me then you aren’t looking hard enough!). I also question the social capability of everyone who told me that I’d be a hermit for the next four years because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I feel like my first semester went swimmingly academically and socially. The only thing I would change would be missing a few classes and literally waiting last minute to do almost all my school work. It’s a bad habit I’ve developed and I’m sort of just waiting for it to turn around and kill me come Finals week.

I think I’m less shy and less serious than I was before Baruch, but I don’t really think I’ve changed very much from the person I was last year this time around.

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Public Speaker- Youssef Mamdouh

The last public speaker I listened to and that I clearly remember was at my graduation. An African-American woman from New York City who graduated from Yale came to tell her story to the class of 2011. Although I cannot remember her name, I can remember that her story was very inspiring and emotional. She stood before us on stage and told the whole audience how she struggled through her child, especially living in a poor neighborhood and not having both her parents around. The speakers body language was great as well. Even though she was behind a podium, the audience could still see her engaging and moving around enough for it to not be distracting. Her expression also helped reflect her story. Overall I thought her speech was moving and very successful, and it was one of the best that I have sat through.

If I had to grade the speaker on what she did, I would give her a 4 for the overall purpose of her speech. She came and she told her story. The speaker had great eye contact with the audience and the whole time she looked at us and not at the ceiling or floor. She seldom read from the paper she had and this made her speech much more effective because she could engage with the audience. The speaker was extremely enthusiastic about her story, making sure to emphasize certain points and really get her story to resonate in the audience. Overall I’d say that the speaker did an amazing job at telling her story, and that he speech was great.

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