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Money Workshop

The money workshop consisted of a presenter in front of an auditorium full of students talking about how students should manage money. The presenter gave us examples of problems that students run into with their finances. Most of the things he said I knew already, but it was a good refresher. I’ll also be sure to read the booklet that was handed out.

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“A Time To Serve”…

The above article suggests a plan for “universal national service.” The plan sounds slightly idealistic, but well thought out. Of course, the people who put it to action need to be meticulous about the details, otherwise the while thing will end up failing. However, if approached carefully, it could work.
This article is organized, well written, and provides facts and examples to support its points.

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Before I begin this self-centered report, I wish to ask this: Why are we forced to expose our innermost thoughts to the Internet? Why should I give the entire world the ability to read what I think, and judge me accordingly? I, for one, believe I have a right to keep my private thoughts just that: private. Call it the opposite of The First Amendment. Hence, I wonder if the person that decided to mandate these blogs anticipated the option of them being flat-out lies.
Who am I, you ask? I am a student that is averse to being forced open. It’s not that I have anything to hide, you see, but that I don’t see the point in being forced to write sentimental drivel about my feelings, simply so that Baruch College can boast about its students being “open”. Besides, I have nothing more to say than the next girl. That said, I will conform and for the sake of my grade, write what is expected of me, possible grammatical errors and all.
My name is Inga, and I’m a freshman at Baruch college. I will answer the “Who am I?” question as generically as possible: I am a student, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. In all honesty though, I think I am an average person, living an average life.
Next question: my top three concerns? Wait, why three exactly? What if I am equally concerned about four different things? That hardly seems fair. But I digress. One: I am worried about keeping up in class, two: I’m nervous about meeting new people, and three: I’m concerned about staying awake in class. Sound familiar to anyone?
Third question: what makes my “Baruch College experience” different from my high school experience is that, obviously, it is college. More freedoms yet more responsibilities. Less sleep, more work. Stress, and so on.
Fourth question: I think my first year in college will change me in that I will discover that I have new abilities. For example: staying up for 38 hours straight, running purely on caffeine.
I just re-read this post, and realized that I come off as pessimistic and nonconformist. That was not my intent. I was simply asked to “reflect”, and so I did. I don’t recall being asked to write pleasantly.


PS. Is there no way to indent?

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