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crazy game night

first of all, it;s pretty unfortunate that i must go pick up my sister on time and take care of her is pretty annoying and tiresome.In other words,i lose my personal night tonight,i can’t enjoy the whole session although i was still in the love of the crazy game.
the first one is to guess something according to partner’s acting.the second one is cup game(suck name),each member of one team should drink a mouthful water and quickly flip the bottle from the opening up to down.the point is you really have to put the cup in the right place and use your strenth slightly.don’t be nervous. some people are too nervous that the cup fly to the ground.some people are eager to drink the water asap thus water flows out of the mouth and wet the clothes.haha~ the scence is extremely funny.if you engage in it,you can;t help yourself laughing.well,the president looks cuter tonight.he did it very succesfully,only once ,well don!
but one thing prevent me to be happy is that i am not good at seems that i get more used to write than say.Americans love talking,talk a lot ,a lot.when they talk a lot,i donn’t know what i can know what ,when somebody is too powerful in one conversation,i will either be engulfed or keep away from weired.
today’s topic in the freshman seminar is the practice of communication skill.i think a lot aout should i build such skills?how can i keep one conversation interesting and long next time?waht happened to my brian when i talk to sb?why is it blank all of the sudden.and why am i always feel nervous and shy when i face sb i l am interested?

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