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Monologue – Matthew Gottesman

I love my youth. It is so amazing, so powerful, invigorating! I love it so much, that I choose to do nothing but marvel it and treasure it. I never dare to not appreciate it, for how many in there old age lack what I have? A spring in my step, a glow in my eyes? It is for this very reason that I fear that I can never appreciate my youth in all its god-given splendor, but I await the day. The day that my dedication and admiration for what God has given me increases as my youth decreases. Less spring, less glow… perhaps I won’t be so young then, if I continue at this rate? In fact, what am I marveling at in any case? Everyone around me is young and taking action, so that regardless of their age they can have something to revel in. But oh no… it’s too late… if not something that God has given me… what do I bask in now? I’m too young to be old, and too old be unaccomplished. 18 going on 30 going on 10. I am something going on about nothing, with nothing important to say about something. Freshman troubles.

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Mandatory Blog # 1

 Well my name is Mirlinda Skara, I am eighteen years old and I come from an Albanian family filled with traditions. I grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn with family members surrounding us on every block. A few years back we moved to Staten Island, where I currently live. I’d have to say that I am a soccer fanatic but all sports are definitely my thing. I am very open-minded when it comes to music and I believe I have seen the Rush Hour movies one too many times. There isn’t really much to say except that I am an average chick doing average things.

My top three concerns were not too drastic but merely uneasiness anyone would have from changing schools. Thoughts of fitting in, adapting well enough, networking with the right people, or just making friends, are some of the things that have crossed my mind. But my main concern is maintaining a high enough GPA and plainly just adjusting to a new place, a new atmosphere, and blending well with it.

High school I believe was the prologue to my life, slowly building the foundation to my future, whereas college is now the first chapter of my life opening me up to many things to be offered. College is different from high school in more ways than just one. Time management is key and if things are left to the very last minute I’m sure luck won’t help me as it did in high school.

I don’t think my first year as a college student will change me as a person but will most likely help me to see things in a new perspective. Hopefully after all this hard work is done it will pay off in the future.

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#1 – Kate Pangilinan

Who am I?

In a word, simple.

I grew up watching scifi shows and singing (Filipino affinity for karaoke and such). I have a great appreciation for exotic cuisines (because my parents took me with them when they went flying all over the place to find and eating absolutely everything). I also love to dress up (high heels, make up, expensive dresses I will wear only once).  I held a grudge once, wasn’t particularly fond of it, and now I try my best to be explicitly understanding. Although I complain heartily about class work, I’m a fairly level headed and cheery person.  I enjoy a good crowd as much as I enjoy perching on a rock with a good book near the fountain at Central Park. I’m versatile and adaptive, so to knock out the last question: my first year of college will change me in ways that will (hopefully?) allow me to achieve a 4.0 GPA and a social life.

3 biggest concerns for this year are:

  • Writing analytical papers longer than 4 pages
  • Time management
  • Balancing social life with work (which I suppose could also be categorized as time management)

The biggest difference I feel between being a high school freshman and a college freshman is the dress code. I’m a girl who’s been in a catholic school for my entire life. Although my wallet is basically nonexistent now, I’m very grateful to be out of itchy oxford dress shirts and cardboard-esque skirts. I find that donning my own wardrobe enhances my ability to concentrate in class. A comfortable student is a receptive student.


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