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Who Do I Think I Am?

I am an older brother, a best friend, a proficient procrastinator , an artist, a shy romantic, and a Dominican who has a rhythm in his step. I am the guy who listens and remembers. The one you would call in the middle of the night just to talk, and who wouldn’t even get mad that you woke him up. I go up and out of my way to make someone smile. Life is too short to have people being sad, and a smile is very easy to get from someone, even if you have to go to the extreme of looking like a fool. I know how it feels to be in the background, and I hated myself for allowing it to stay like that throughout high school. I am changing. I am the good and the bad of my friends; I take in everything and produce a new me that my sister would still look up to. I am excellent at expressing myself on paper, be it words or through a regular hand drawn sketch. Almost everything I do has a story behind it. Try to get me to speak, and I become a mumbler. I’m working on it. I pay attention to all the details.

So far, I love the Baruch community. The only concerns include: getting through Music without being kicked out, getting to class on time once winter rolls around, and getting through the semester without starving because of the 25 min. breaks. Baruch will be different than most of my high school experience simply because I’m interacting with different people and being put into different situations. Education wise, I feel like I’m still in high school, yet that will change soon, I hope. I have already changed because of college because my confidence is slowly boosting itself. Even though I am also getting a bigger ego, the Jermy I have always been will never change. I am me. Nothing changes that.

A little something I made inspired by CuDi ♥

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