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David Wu

Hello.  My name is David Wu.  I like to play sports such as soccer and basketball.  Often I like to use the computer and study from it.  I study sometimes.  I also learn math too and try to apply the math I learn to the world.






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fro11brb 2011-12-01 15:20:28

A. I don’t really think of who I think I am! Confusing enough yet? Awesome. Anyway most of the time that’s who I am an indecisive, confused 18 year old that ended up at Baruch sort of by mistake or maybe it was fate. Lol *shrugs* I’m Deyanira, i have a pretty cool name and a cool family and cute dog and interesting job and I go to a nice school. I usually do poorly on assignments because I should care more and I know that but it never helps. Before attending Baruch, all my spare time was spent practicing my instrument (band geek) or hanging with my friends (cool kid). Well to me, I’m just me if that’s a good enough answer. :)

B. Being that I’m writing this extremely late I’d choose my number one concern to be that I wouldn’t complete my blogs. I would have to say the reason why is because I mostly didn’t complete my blogs! I probably should have tried harder but blogs seem like the last thing you want to do after going to class from about 9:30am-4:30pm then pulling a 8 hour shift and getting home at 3 or 4 in the morning. I’m not complaining just trying to redeem myself lol. Another concern I had was that I wouldn’t enjoy Baruch, which I guess wasn’t true. In my opinion if I didn’t meet the people that I did in my block I probably wouldn’t have really enjoyed myself here which now that I look back seems like a reasonable concern. Hm, my last concern I would say was failing a class or dropping which I had every reason to be concerned about because I did end up dropping math because my teacher sucked and I’m pretty sure he has alzhiemers, sad. 

C. To me, Baruch and high school are like the same thing. High school was probably more interesting and exciting to me because I had my music and I had people there to truly share my interest with. The reason Baruch seems so similar to high school is because I still live at home, I get out of class everyday later than I did in HS so it’s like HS plus Detention lol, and I have classes with the same people which is awesomely amazing but it’s a high school thing.

D. How will my first year change me? I don’t think college has changed me much yet. Maybe having to work and go to school has made me less lazy but other than that I’m the same as I was a few months ago. 

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This is Me

Hey guys! I’m Andrew and I’m 18 years old. I’m full Chinese but my Mandarin has gotten worse over time. My parents are both from China and came to America to raise me. I grew up in Queens my whole life and attended a Catholic school up until high school. I attended The Bronx Hs of Science for my four years of high school. While it wasn’t the best school in my opinion, it did have its upsides. I made friends that no matter how long we don’t talk, we will never become strangers and I’m glad of that.

My top three concerns about my freshman year at Baruch has to be getting good grades in all my classes, making new friends, and staying out of trouble. While my grades aren’t as great as I would like them to be, they’re a lot better than my grades in high school. I’ve also made a lot more friends than I had expected and they’ve always been there when I needed them. For now, I haven’t really gotten into any major trouble so I think it’s going pretty well.

To an extent, Baruch still feels like high school because there really isn’t a real campus but I do like how you can go to the bathroom any time you like without having to ask the professor. Another thing I really like is going to school only when you have classes and don’t have to stay for 6 hours everyday.

College has taught me to be more mature because we have to do everything ourselves without having someone tell us how and when to do it. Let’s just take life one step at a time.


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Who do you think you are?

I am a quite kid from the Bronx,NY who likes to have fun with my friends.  I think my brother plays a big part in who I am since my mom and my dad were not together while I was growing up and I only really saw my dad on the weekends I would look up to my brother.  I hate to be told that I can’t do something and I cant stand to quite something that is tough unless I have exhausted every option to succeed.  It usually takes me awhile to open up to new people and be more outgoing and comfortable around them.

One of my biggest concerns about college was the work load because senior year in high school I really didn’t do anything during my classes.  I feel that it will would have been hard for me to regain my work ethic again.  Another concern is math since I took pre-calc in high school I felt as if I would not have a hard time in class.  But since my teacher is not a good one it is pushing me to study more than I ever had to for math because it has always come so easy for me.My last concern was to choosing a major because I am not sure what I would like to do yet.  I was thinking about something dealing with sports and some of my other hobbies.

Having to go to school in the city is different because I went to high school in the suburbs.  I think it is going to be hard to want to go back in to school after my long breaks on Tuesday and Thursday but I guess it is testing my priorites to some extent.

I think my first year of college is going to make me more focused and a harder worker because it is different from what I used to.  Nobody is on top of you like in high school to do your homework and come to class everyday. College forces you to make decisions and live with the consequences of the decisions.

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Who do you think you are?

My name is Henry Kwun and I am an Asian American born right here in Queens, New York. I consider myself an athlete and I love to play basketball. I dislike studying for tests and reading books.

My top three concerns are how hard the tests are, how much homework, and how fast do the teachers teach. I just realized that classes are only for one semester which is about half a year. In high school it took a lot more time to get through a lesson so I’m still adjusting to the fast tempo.

The experience is almost the same. I lived far away from my high school which was in the Bronx so going to Baruch is actually closer to my house. People are almost the same.

My first year will make me be more responsible. Its time to get my head in the game and work hard to earn a decent grade.

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Who do you think you are?

Who do I think I am? This is a question that we may all ask ourselves from time to time. It’s almost like a check up at the doctor, making sure everything is the way it should be and we are what we want to be or, in some cases, what others want us to be. I believe this is a question that it’s answer may seem to change over the course of time and over the course of various experiences. The person I think I am now is a totally different person I thought I was four years ago, because I’ve grown to be more mature and diligent with my decisions, words, and views on certain topics. However, I think that, quintessentially, we never change. So, who do I think I am? I think, or believe, I am a young- yet mature- lady who thinks a few steps ahead before making a decision. Yes, I do make many mistakes and things do not always turn out the way I want them to be since I am only human. However, I do view situations optimistically in order to make the best of everything. Whether I get a bad grade on a test or am late to work or have a bad day altogether, I believe it’s always best to look at the cup as half full and not half empty- not just in trivial matters like the one I just mentioned, but in more serious cases as well. In addition, I am a spiritual person who believes that, with the help of G-d, anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and unique potential. I believe in the idea of not judging others and giving the benefit of the doubt, and that plays a vital role in any character. I try my best to be considerate of others and sensitive to the feelings of those around me. Lastly, I do tend to procrastinate which is a very bad thing. I have written term papers that take a couple months to complete in one single night. This might be a skill but either way I know I need to work on it. I do also tend to forget someimes, like yesterday I forgot we had Freshman Seminar and showed up for my second class honking everything was alright.
My top three concerns are first of course the worrying of getting good grades, because that’s why were all here so that we can all get good jobs and also it feels more satisfying. My other concern is my schedule because i finish school at 430 everyday so I feel like when we will have exams or papers to write or books to read, it seems just not enough. My third concern also has to do with my schedule because it makes it very hard for me to do my job work since I do work and I have a responsibility, too Many responsibilities actually.
Well, I went to a private school so we all were pretty much the same kind of people, very similar values, traditions, same culture, were pretty much almost all the same in terms of materialism and traditions and cultures. Here in Baruch it’s clearly different because this is a multi cultural and very diverse college so I strongly believe there is a lot to learn new things aNd interact with others.
I think it will change me in terms of how hard I work and take my school work seriously and also make me more open to others.

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Who do you think you are?

Names Ahnaf. I was born in Sunnyside, NY and currently live in long island. I am pretty hard working and I love to spend time with friends and family. My top 3 concerns for Baruch are:
1. Getting good grades. I know that if I don’t do good during my first year at college, I pretty much will do bad the rest of my college career or at least that’s what my mom said.
2. Time management. Knowing how much time to put aside for studying and knowing when to relax. I usually overlap the time to relax for the time to study so I’ve got to improve on this.
3. Getting used to using the train every day. I’m not really accustomed to using public transportation to get to places everyday because it’s pretty annoying. Even though I don’t like it, I know I’m just gonna have to get used to it.

Between High School and Baruch, I don’t think their’s much difference regarding classwork but homework is WAYY more than high school. Usually the homework that I did in high school take’s me no longer than 30 minutes to do. Now, that’s not even the bare minimum for college. In college, there’s a lot more freedom than high school and that’s one thing that I was looking forward to

My first year will help me become a more mature and responsible person because I know I can’t rely on my family anymore

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Who do you think you are?

a. Hi everyone, my name is Sally and I almost always have a smile on my face. I’m kind of a “go with the flow” kind of person, but when it comes down to getting my priorities straight, I know when to get back in the zone.

b. One of my concerns, as everyone has almost mentioned, is my gpa. As a former teacher of mine said, “You’re entering real life now.” So, I feel like adjusting will be little bit tough because I’m not accustomed to the testing style of the professors I have, but I’m sure after the first couple, everything will hopefully be a breeze. Another is fitting in. Coming from an all-girl Catholic school, the atmosphere at Baruch is much different due to the much diversity and, of course, NO UNIFORMS! haha But I miss the uniforms because it stinks to have to wake up every morning to pick clothes to wear, even though, sometimes i put on a tee and sweats. Lastly, time management and hw. I have a problem of not being able to focus on school work when I have social networking on. Like I’ll get my work done, it’s just that I could’ve been done with the work probabaly more than 2 hours before I actually start it.

c. As I said before, the uniforms is one of the transitions I have to go through… and the big one… GUYS! Although, I probably made my lifetime friends at my high school, it’s so great to finally to see guys instead of girls everyday of my 4 years. Not that I wouldn’t see guys, because I was on a club team and there were guys on it… It’s just that I can finally go a day without one girl telling me how she wants to find a boyfriend. hahahaha But all in all, I really miss my high school because we were like a family. We tended to each other’s needs as if we were sisters and that’s probably the toughest transition going into college.

d. I think College will help me to become more responsible and less dependent on my parents. I’m going to have to mae the decisions.

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Who do you think you are?

My name is Holly, I am eighteen, living in Manhattan right now but from Long Island. I like the city life but miss being five minutes away from the beach!

My main concerns for my freshman year aren’t just academic. My main concern is rehabbing my shoulder enough so I can play softball this upcoming spring, I don’t really know what I would do if I couldn’t play. I quite possibly just bury myself in a hole. Another concern of mine is keeping my grades up. Sometimes, in the dorms, it can be really hard to keep motivated when everyone around you is fooling around and having fun. It’s almost always easier to close your books and join them but I will myself not too. Another concern is getting lost!! My roommates and I are constantly just wandering around never knowing where we are, hopefully we will figure it out soon.

For one thing, in high school there wasn’t much of a struggle to be able to keep your grades up while you were in season but college is totally different. I am not the kind of person to slack off but I am nervous I won’t be able to do softball and school at 100% of the time every day and that will drive me crazy.

Living out here forces you to grow up, on Long Island there are no subways or buses you have your own car so you need to learn how to depend on mass transit to get around. At home I didn’t need to worry about what I was going to make for dinner or when to go food shopping and I definitely never bothered doing my own laundry but now I have to do everything for myself so in more ways then one I will become a lot more independent.

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Who do you think you are?

My name is Mazhar Siddique, and I’m an 18 year old person, I was born in Brooklyn and that’s also where I live now, though I went to high school in manhatten.
B) one of my main concerns is not getting a good gpa. I fear this cause I’m still adjusting to college, and though it seems a bit easier now, I’m sure it’ll get much harder. Another concern I have is that I wont be able to make friends until very late in my college career, this is because while I was friends with the majority of my high school, they were really nice people, and it was a small school, so I fear that this new setting means it’ll take longer to make good friends. Another concern is trying to join more clubs then just one. There are so many clubs to choose from and most of them only meet during club hours!
C) I feel that without my friends, it means that I have to take more responsibility and not expect my friends to cover me when I’m absent or explain me the lecture if I don’t understand it.
D) Hopefully It’ll make me accustomed to this new environment and allow me to get used to the college life and make more friends.

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