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Hello my name is Ivan. I am going to share a little about myself, my dream, fears, and etc. Starting from the beginning, I’m just a small town boy from Kings Park on Long Island. It’s very far from Baruch, like a 3 hour ride, so I don’t live there. Anyways, my family origins start with my grandparents immigrating from mainland China. They endured many hardships to give me the opportunities I have today. I have no right to complain about my life because back then they were living much harder lives. There was no texting, phones, etc, I don’t think many of us would have survived back then. Getting back to topic, I am at Baruch to get a good education, and using the opportunities I was given.

Talking about school, my experience is both good and bad. Starting with the good, I like the 3 day weekends and the freedoms of being a college student. Living away from home is also and exciting feel as you get to be away from parental control. I like the feeling of not eating rice every single day. Although this may sound strange, I am glad to see people like myself specifically Asians. Yes, it may seem very weird but at my high school there were none. Moving on to the bad, waking up early is a drag. I dunno how I find the energy to wake myself up everyday. To make matters worse, the train are always hectic and seem to always have problems, adding that with my bad sense of direction, you know something bad is bound to happen. Although college has given me opportunities to explore, as I go visit different places every weekend and sample various foods.

One word describes me, lazy. I would definitely agree with that. Pretty much all I do on school days is eat,sleep, and use the toilet. However, on weekends I let loose, doing all kinds of things, watching movies, bowling, shooting pool, and tons more. My fears are of the future, since I am a person who likes to plan their day, the future just puzzles me. I don’t know what I wanna do for the rest of my life and no one has answers for you. I guess I’ll just live my life to the fullest and see where it takes me. The dreams I have are to travel, since I haven’t been anywhere, especially Disney Land. I want to travel to various places, eat different foods, and immerse in different cultures.

My motto is “work hard, play hard.” I feel that you have to do your work diligently before having fun, also that you must not only have a life of just work, you need some fun. Quoting from philosophy (wink, wink professor) you need a mixture of both to live the happy life, only having one would result in unhappiness.

One big part of my life is sweets, they make me happy. I have such a sweet tooth that I will dedicate the end of my monologue to it. Me and sweets go back a long way. Whatever it may be chocolate, ice cream, cookies, etc, beware for I may eat it. However, having an appointment with a dentist and his drill, really can leave a mark, literally. Having gotten multiple fillings, my sugary, delicious, tendencies were cut down, I’ve learned to eat with moderation and combine sweeties with greens. Although sweets will always remain in my heart. I leave you with these words of wisdom, do not judge a man and his sweets because if you do, he won’t share.

Leaving a note of farewell, I hope everyone enjoys this picture, and can take a minute to sit back and relieve the stresses of being freshmen in college. We’re all suffering with you.

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