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Blog #3

My first semester at Baruch has been really great. I did not expect to like it as much as I have. The people I have been meeting are really nice, and easy to get along with. I have not had any major problems with people or my classes so far. The classes are not as hard as I thought they would be. There is a lot of reading that I have to do however. One thing I really enjoy is the freedom. In high school, when I walked around the halls there was always a security guard or dean checking to make sure you had a pass and now I can do as I please. I think my first semester went well, and I did better than I expected in my classes. My lowest grade was a B-, and besides that one test everything has been B or higher. One thing I would change would be the commute. I don’t mind take the express bus because I sleep, I just wish it didn’t take as long. I am hoping to get an apartment to be closer. Another thing I would change are my study habits. In high school I did not study at all, but now I am studying a little more. I just need to get used to it. I also procrastinate too much. One thing I don’t like about college is that my addiction to coffee has increased way too much. I have definitely become more mature because everything is on me now. Overall, I am enjoying college and I am looking foward to the next 4 years.

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Workshop #1

From the 1st workshop I’ve learned that we shouldn’t believe everything we see on the internet. They showed us Desiree Jennings as an example and what she did to get money from the doctor that gave her the shot. ( Of course we knew she was faking it, but it was a great example of how people can fake things and show us wrong things to make a profit out of it. They thought us what are the things we should look for when we’re looking for something online. It was a really helpful workshop and I’m glad I didn’t miss this one.

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Oh crap i almost forgot this

My experience at Baruch college has been fine overall. I expected to not be as social, as in parties and stuff but I did not expect that I would like it as much as I do. Granted, I do say “ugh eff that test” or “i dont wanna go to that class, we don’t learn anything” but I am still pleased with my choice of coming to baruch. I have a close knit group of friends and always have help if i need it.

My first semester has really helped me transition in to college life. I really study now and do my assignments. My grades werent all that great in the beginning but im getting the hang of it, now its a piece of cake. I don;t think i will fail any class so that’s good.

One thing I would do differently is start working hard from day number one so I wouldnt feel overwhelmed when we did have a test and paper and quiz to do on one day. But I got used to it so its not so bad.

The way I’ve changed is how I actually do work and study. I never did that kind of stuff. I always got amazing test grades in high school without studying, for quite literally, any test I’ve ever had in highschool. Not even the SAT’s and i got a well above average score twice. College made me more responsible about my work and I think ill be able to grow into a great student come next semester and so on.

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Blog #3

Baruch so far has been what I expected. It’s a really nice place and I’ve made some really good friends over this semester. To be honest I thought everyone was going to be bunch of nerds when I first got here, but I met some really cool people and I tell everyone how awesome it is here. I’m doing so much better than I expected. In High School I never opened a book for 4 years but in college I’m actually studying, and I hope that I don’t get lazy and start slacking. If there was something I could change It would be not taking the summer class for math and would be enjoying my summer, because im takin the same class again and I’m doing pretty good at it.  I like baruch and i am looking forward to the rest of my time here.

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Rubin Museum

When I first entered the Rubin Museum, I was  in awe. The spiraling staircases added to the excitement. There is always that special feeling when you enter a museum. There are so many wonders and mysteries waiting to be discovered.

While exploring the museum, I came across an artwork named “Shantarakshita and Scenes of His Life in Tibet”. The artwork tells a narrative of the legends and myths in Himalayan folklore. It shows how Shantarakshita, who has supernatural powers, is teaching Buddhism to his followers. His hands are in held in a symbolic gesture for teaching. There is also a “golden” Buddha, which symbolizes the importance of Shantarakshita’s teaching.

The narrative continues with Shantarakshita and his followers reaching a palace. In fact, his teachings are supposedly so important, that his teachings reached the king (evident by the crown on the king’s head). There are students gathered around Shantarakshita, who is teaching them the ways of Buddhism.

One of the recurring themes that I came across in the artwork is that the art is divided into panels. The panels each tell a different story and are separated by landscapes or architectures. Furthermore, the panels are not in any particular order. Each panels/stories can be look and examine separately.

I felt that I definitely learned more about Shantarakshita. I also left the museum feeling more intellectually fulfilled.


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third thing

So at my time at Baruch I’ve grown fond of it. It is a chill school and i have made new friends. I am overwhelmed by how much things there is to do. I want to join more clubs now. The school has a lot more than i would have ever thought. I have had a pretty good first semester hopefully i can leave every class with at least a b+. I have learned to do my work and take school seriously. I am going to continue taking my work seriously all through out college. If there was something  could change it would be taking my placement exam more seriously. I took algebra and pre calc so i could have probably gotten into calc but because i did not take the test i have to start off in algebra. I like baruch and i am looking forward to the rest of my time here

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Post Number 3

So far, Baruch College has exceeded my expectations. I honestly though I would have such a heavy workload that I wouldn’t have any social time, but Ive actually been able to balance my schoolwork and social life . I like the classes, and Im happy with all my teachers and classmates. i especially love the freedom of college, and being able to do whatever I please. I can just walk out of class easily and go get a cup of coffee and come back.

I think my first semester at Baruch went really well. I actually have been getting really good grades, and Im happy with how Im doing in school, and I think its motivation for next semester. Even though it took a lot of studying and getting used to, the adjustment was an overall pleasant experience.

The only thing I would have done differently my first semester would have probably been picking my schedule. Even though I wouldn’t of had a choice either way, the excruciating two and half hour break 2 days a week was really annoying. If I had to have done anything differently it would have been to have my classes with as little breaks as possible.

I think one way Ive changed ever since Ive started Baruch was definitely my maturity level. High School and College are so different. There two completely different ballparks, and I think the adjustment really made me mature and see myself as an adult. I was forced to have my own responsibilities and not rely on others. I think thats one of the benefits with college. You kind of discover yourself and learn to rely on no one else but yourself.

Overall my first semester was a great one, and I look forward to the many semesters I have left. Im really anticipating getting my degree and graduating as soon as I can.

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Blog 3

Baruch so far has been what I expected. The work has been not so bad honestly. I have been getting good grades except for Art History. I received a 64 on the first test but just received a 97 on a paper so I’m hoping I can pull a comeback. Everything else has been fine. I love the new friends I have made and I feel like our block has gotten close and we can consider every single one of us a friend.

If i could change one thing I would probably try to go to sleep earlier. I missed a lot of early classes or walk in extremely late. For now it has not effected my grade but I will need to change my habits so it never effects my grades. Honestly I wouldn’t change anything else.

Baruch has made me a lot more responsible and mature. I need to follow a schedule that contains work and school and time management is key. Baruch has also made me study a lot more than I used to. Writing 5 page papers has become an easy thing now for me because we are always doing them. In high school anything over 3 pages was like WOAH how am i going to do that?

I look forward to second semester and I hope I continue to receive good grades and make something out of my college career.

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Blog Number 3

I didn’t really have necessarily high expectations of Baruch coming in a couple months ago, so it isn’t a far stretch that it did exceed them. I’m really glad that I don’t hate it, because I did think that I was going to just because of the workload and the fast pace. Thankfully I actually feel really comfortable at Baruch. I think my first semester went really well and I’m actually shocked at some of the grades that I got because they were a lot better than I was used to receiving in high school. Besides math class I’m really doing a good job in all my classes and that makes me really happy. I’m also glad I made some good friends which I initially was a little worried about because I’m lazy and I don’t necessarily like to make an effort to get to know people. If I had the opportunity to do over my first semester I honestly probably wouldn’t. It seems like too much effort to go back and do all of that again and I’m used to college now so I don’t want to go back to being scared and lost and such. Being comfortable is cool. Definitely haven’t changed at all since attending Baruch, except for maybe having a lot more confidence in my brain. Now that I get better grades I’m feeling a lot better about myself and my future. Anyway I guess this is it on blog posts that was fun times the end love Nicole Gluck also that’s a picture of a glade candle v

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post tres

My experience at Baruch has so far met my expectations. The semester is almost over, time flew by! I met lots of people and saw a lot of my old friends from high school. It’s pretty cool beans.

My first semester is going pretty well. I wish i had more of a drive to go to my classes but sadly…. i don’t.I wish I studied more and didn’t go my assignments at the last minute. it sucks to get a grade and know you could have done better.
Even though I’m not doing the best i know I’ve becomes less lazy and am now getting back into the rhythm of doing work, slowly yet surely >:3

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