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Ethan’s Proposal

So for this “final” project I have decided to talk about the Wikipedia / women in red as I am working independently. I will be doing more of a video essay where I talk about how women in the 21st century are treated and how not much has changed since the 60s-70s. In my research based essay I discussed a woman named Celina Acosta Vice and how she was undermined for all of her accomplishments in life ever since she was pretty young. Also I discussed how she along with many other women have been treated as nothing more than less or inferior to men. Acosta Vice however did a lot in her life, and she was the first to do it. It was even arguable to say that she did it better than a man could have. During this new project I will talk about the minor things I touched upon during my essay.

After making adjustments towards the essay and making a script to talk about it the treatment of of women in the 21st century referring to Acosta Vice’s life. I will also try to show something related to how women are treated. My mediums will be news sources that are actually reliable and in my video essay I will thoroughly talk about how long it has been for women since they were treated this way.

( Video essay is subject to change ) 🙂

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For this project I have chosen to work independently to reimagine and re create parts of my project one. Using a slideshow with many videos and images pertaining to my essay will help my viewers understand the effects of press and media on a topic. In my essay previously I wrote about how social media impacted the viewership of Black Lives Matter and how quickly it spread. With this new project I will cover how the news sources and several media articles pushed the BLM movement forwarded and created the hashtags and narratives we know today.

Using this as my medium, my essay can incorporate videos and images of protest taking place and riots outside major points all across the country. Since my previous essay was focused on two major topics being the Black Panther Party and Black Lives Matter, further research will needed to be done to help strengthen my essay and give it a more impactful message to my audience. All media outlets spanning from the early stages of the movement to its peak and what it is like today. A major problem that I can encounter is finding sources that contain little bias or take a side on the movement to include in my remix. Making a slideshow can put all my points together in one and help the audience feel connected to the movement in their heads or heart during the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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For this project I will be working independently and specifically focusing on re-imaging project one. I liked the idea of making a slideshow version of my essay. I will choose to focus on the effects technology has on the Black Lives Matter movement. I previously wrote about how social media played a big role in the increased attention towards the movement. With this i will talk about how important the video recording of George Floyd’s death, the hashtag on Instagram like “blackout tuesday”, and Lil baby creating The Bigger Picture. 

Using this medium, my essay can be backed up with images and/or videos which will help bring it to life. Since my essay was a mix between both the Black Panther Party and BLM, I will have to do further research on BLM in order to find more information for this project. I will mainly look for stuff seen in the media which helped get that attention for the movement like we saw in 2020. A challenge I anticipate encountering is finding lots of the same information. I know George Floyd will appear a lot, but I will just keep looking for new sources. I chose to make a slideshow since it allows me to further explain points made in my essay. It will allow its audience to feel more connected since we will see a lot of stuff that we had forgotten about from the pandemic, when the movement reached its peak.

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Project 3

For this project, my focus is on Project 2 about Women in Red. My goal is for this transcendental problem to reach more people but also to share a more generalized idea based in relation to patriarchal standards. I chose this project because is the one I relate the most with and I thought I could do a better work if I understood the perspective. I’m doing a “mashup” for this for it to be short and straightforward. I’m hoping to use current and memorable events related to women history. I also asked many people what the thought about this topic to get a better idea of how to make this project more understandable for the public. The only problem I had was finding a “femicide” image in English due to this problem is mostly known in latin America. If I could publish it on a well-known newspaper I probably would to achieve my main goal.

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Creative Remix Proposal


For my project three Creative Remix, I want to remix Project 1, in regard to the Black Panther Party. My goal is to introduce the BPP to a person who doesn’t know anything about them, showing the outcomes of the group and how did their actions affect their community, as well as how the police saw and portrayed the BPP. In project one, we learned who was the BPP, where did they come from, what did they want, and how their pursuit for equality still lingers and is still seen to this day. To source my information I would have to revisit this project again to get familiar with the work and research more about the BPP. But afterward, I want to create a podcast, where I would interview or talk to someone who knows very little or nothing at all about the Black Panther Party. I haven’t decided yet, but I will ask around to see if anyone would like to do it with me.

I hope that the podcast can also be informational, where anyone can listen to it and get an understanding of the BPP, and who were they. I will make sure that the information that I am presenting could be conveyed and heard properly so that the audience can get familiar with the BPP. I also want to include some jokes, but if anything it’s fine since this podcast is more informational than just a commentary podcast. I believe that the hardest thing I will encounter when doing this podcast is the actual recording and the flow of the podcast, I hope it can be as natural as it can be but as well I will probably have a few scripts that can accurately say what I want to say. Another problem I can see in the future is how a podcast is made, I have a friend who recorded podcasts before so I will probably ask her. I always wanted to try a podcast and see how one is created, I hope that it is very enjoyable and not something I will cringe at later in the future.

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I am working with Jianpin Chen and Maggie Lin as a group. We are going to work on project 2, which is about Wikipedia and red name women. We are focused on the harassment and hindrance female editors had faced which led to the overall climate of exclusion of women on Wikipedia. We are planning to use podcasts to present our research. I think podcasts can give a different perspective than an essay. People had to spend time reading an essay, but on a podcast, people can listen to it while doing other things. It is a convenient way for people to get information in a short amount of time. 

Podcasts might not have all the detailed information, but it wouldn’t be too informative which would make people feel bored. It might raise the audience’s interest and curiosity which leads them to do more research. The difficult part might be explaining the topic clearly and concisely in a limited time. We had to let the audiences understand the fundamental information with limited information given and within a short amount of time. We might need to do more research on this topic to plan what we are going to talk about. Some challenges might be the information is not conveyed clearly and grabs the audience’s attention. We can meet these challenges by using more tone to express feelings and trying to convey messages with limited information.

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Creative Remix Project 3 Proposal

For Creative Remix Project 3, I am working as a group with two students. For this project, we discussed and decided to do a podcast audio reconstructing the topic of systematic gender bias we had researched for Project 2, and going further, the toxic environment toward and hostility female editors had experienced that drive them away from the community.

In my prediction, the podcast video compared to the research-based essay should be less formal, and the messages should be told in a way that is easy to understand for the audience instead of leaving a bunch of information for the audience to digest themselves. The source for this podcast should be more based on the personal experience of the female editors, and the blogs of the formal editors. Providing evidence to support an argument is an important part of writing an argumentive essay, but this doesn’t work in a podcast. We discussed that it’s important to catch the audience’s attention in podcasts, but just simply throwing a bunch of statistical data and long quotes to audiences is no different from killing the audience’s interest in continuing to listen. We plan to start a normal conversation about our experience with Wikipedia and bring up the systematic gender bias that exists in the front end of Wikipedia reflected on the low proportion of female editors. Eventually, bring up the female editors that experienced harassment. The primary reason we decided to choose this topic is that this is an ongoing issue in recent years that was largely discussed on the internet, which means it’s easy to find evidence of the existing issue and the podcast we created can contribute to addressing this issue by increasing the awareness of the issue. Among all the mediums we could decide on, Podcaste is easier to arouse the attention of the audience. In addition, the tone presenter presenting their message in the podcast can better connect the audience to the problem compared to just plain text.

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Remix Proposal

Here is where you will post the proposal for the creative remix project.

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