Anaya’s Brainstorm


Topic 1: Gaming

  • gaming as an escape
  • how gaming has affected me
  • the impact gaming has on the world today

Topic 2: Twitch communities

  • the good its done for me
  • the ways I’ve been wronged
  • the qualities of a community

Topic 3: Streaming on Twitch

  • self branding
  • how do streams effect people
  • what to stream

Discourse  Community:

Topic 1: Gaming

  • when the pandemic had begun I got into playing game more often. I went from casually gaming to playing games every day.
  • I remember making friends on twitch who played the same games as me and before I knew it we were playing games together everyday

Topic 2:  Twitch communities

  • I remember the first stream I ever typed in and how everyone was so welcoming. Eventually I became a part of the community.
  • Once I felt comfortable branching out and discovering more people to watch within the community I became cool with a lot of the smaller names in the community.

Topic 3: Streaming

  • I remember the day a few of my friends from twitch told me I should start streaming. I actually lost a bet that resulted in me streaming.
  • I remember the first stream I ever did. I remember everyone who was there and the people I was playing the game with.

Literacy Sponsor:

Topic 1: Gaming

  • My brother and father used to play games on the Wii and other consoles all the time. They used to let me play and that where my interest in games began.

Topic 2:  Twitch Communities

  • I would say Berleezy is my literacy sponsor for this topic because I went to twitch to watch his streams and found myself in a community .

Topic 3: Streaming

  • To be honest I truly don’t know who would be my literacy sponsor for streaming because for as long as I can remember I wanted to be an influencer in some way. I just never thought it’d be streaming.