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Honestly, if I had to imagine myself as a writer one year from now, it would have to be the same as the writer I am today. I just don’t have that passion for writing that I would be willing to do anything to improve myself better than I am right now. Of course, anything that happens in the future is uncertain, so for all I know, I might be more passionate about writing a year from now. Currently, when I write, I mainly focus on just getting the work done, as quickly as possible, while fixing up any mistakes as I write and after I finish writing. In the future, it may be possible that I’ll put a bit more care into my work, and possibly improve my vocabulary as well. Over time, I may find ways to understand and evaluate texts quicker, so I don’t have to keep writing only to have to redo it over and over again. It also doesn’t hurt to be able to write faster, as it means that it grants me more free time to edit once I’m finished. Currently, I mostly struggle with the way I evaluate texts, because my understanding of them is always off by some margin. I hope that in the future, I will be able to evaluate texts more efficiently in a way where I wouldn’t need to think that hard and long about it. If possible, I would also want to do all of this by not asking for help, and instead taking on this challenge of improving all by myself. There is nothing in particular that makes me a strong writer, so for now, anything that I work on will only help me improve. The best way to do that is to just keep writing more.

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  1. Same!!!! I don’t have a passion for writing; I just want to complete the essays and projects that are assigned the way Professor Muhlbauer requests them to be completed.

    I think you’ve been stalking me because like I too “mostly struggle with the way I evaluate texts, because my understanding of them is always off by some margin”

    Like what irks me the most about English Language Arts is that most of the time there are more than two possible correct answers even if the class discussion surrounds a piece of text with a definitive purpose. Many times someone points out like a detail from prior knowledge that goes against what everyone has been saying so far, but that answer can still qualify as correct like ??????????

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