Future’s Thinking

I think one year from now if my professor were to ask me how my writing skills are compared to today would definitely be a lot different. I remember first day of classes this year I said that I did have some trouble with some grammar. I said that I am not the best writer where I have decent work but it could be better. I remember saying to my professor that I had good grades on my essays in high school and I wanted better essays for college. ┬áMy skill set right now is very well just need to improve on some minor things such as grammar. I think I would be able to talk to my professor during this year about how to improve on my grammar and I probably will learn a trick to use that will help me understand when to properly use any kind of grammar. Also with the rest of my writing skills, I will be able to continue and maintain my skills as a writer but I feel like my professor will give me a few other pointers that I can use to better my writing. Then I feel like I’ll be able to write without any kind of errors or mistakes. So I think a year from now I will tell my professor that I really improved on my writing skills and I will probably have some new writing goals set for the future after that. I hope my prediction is correct and I will be able to be a very good writer.

2 thoughts on “Future’s Thinking

  1. You begin your blog post mentioning that you have had trouble with grammar, so I would suggest you take a look at Khan Academy’s English grammar course!! It helps me get to know more about the rules I never learned in secondary school. Please visit khanacademy.org for more information.

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