Future Memory: Patricia Prado

My mother once told me ‘ You can’t expect flowers to grow without the proper resources and an environment in which they can flourish.” Although sprung from her realization that I am a terrible plant mom, I still think about these wise words and how they apply to my writing. Just like a plant, how can I flourish as a writer without applying pressure and using the resources Baruch has to offer? Like anyone else, I struggle with the basic mistakes such as grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I also struggle with constructing paragraphs that flow and don’t drag on ideas longer than they should. With the help of my professors during their office hours and the Writing Center, I will be able to grow past these mistakes and evolve into a skilled writer. I also plan to reread my work more often to notice the mistakes and use the critiques of others to edit the mistakes I as the writer may commonly overlook. In addition, I plan to continue writing for fun and not let myself get discouraged as my writing will always be a work in progress. Whether it be a daily journal entry or the brainstorming of a novel I wish to but will never write, I wish to never forget that writing is fun. Sadly my passion for writing does not come paired with the skill and ability to call myself a “good writer.” Yet that is not to say that I cannot become a good writer. In a year from now, I hope I can look back at this blog post and many more of the pieces I’ll write in this class and beyond and notice the simple mistakes and missed opportunities in my writing and notice that they are “so last year” of me.

3 thoughts on “Future Memory: Patricia Prado

  1. I think you are a very creative writer. It was interesting on how you compared yourself to a plant and what you need to do to grow. I think you have a very good mindset on what you want to do over the course of the year. If you continue to set these goals for the future you will definitely be able to achieve whatever you want to accomplish.

  2. I like how you started off with comparing your growth with a plant, it makes it easier to understand how you see yourself as a writer. It also feels like you won’t hesitate on using the resources provided to you, which shows how serious you are on intending to improve. Even if you aren’t sure on being a “good writer”, it’s nice to know that you will do what you must to get the job done.

  3. Reading over your post, I realized we have a lot of similar goals! While I didn’t say anything about constructing body paragraphs, I realize now I should have because I too face trouble when trying to write them. I just can’t seem to put my words on paper and not make it sound like a repetition of what I said before.

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