Lucas Fernandez – Future Memory

For this class, I have decided to make three goals that I wish to reach over the course of the semester. First, I want to be able to properly answer the prompt or questions given to me, whether they be from an exam or just homework. I had realized in my AP English class during my senior year in high school that my ability to understand what the prompt was asking of me wasn’t up to my teachers standards, resulting in me struggling throughout most of the year. My second goal is to be able to pace myself better. Throughout my academic years, I have noticed that I always manage to finish any writing exams with only 5-10 minutes left, which makes me want to work on shortening my writing time and finishing the tests faster. Finally, I want to expand my vocabulary.
These are just a few goals that I feel are important to me right now, but that may change as time goes on. Towards the end of the semester or perhaps at the end of the school year, I believe that my goals will be different as I will have already reached these goals or find out that there are more important things to focus on. As time goes on, things change, and I believe that my goals will as well. In a year from now, I believe that I will try to achieve even greater goals than those that I have set for myself now. two examples of this would be me trying to make as little revisions to my work by writing what I need and want in my work and being able to find the text evidence I need to support my arguments. WhileI know that those goals might not be totally realistic for a number of reasons, I do believe that I will be able to climb the ladder to new heights. But for now, I will focus on honing my strengths while working out the kinks in my weaknesses. I plan to improve my weaknesses and strengths by working with my English professor whenever I can during his office hours and possibly making appointments with tutors at the Writing Center. In the future, I feel that my future self will have been able to at least overcome my weaknesses. Even if I only make baby steps in my progress, I feel that it is better than not moving forward at all.

2 thoughts on “Lucas Fernandez – Future Memory

  1. I like the goals you set for yourself because while they aren’t the same as what I said, I also hope to improve my understanding of what I’m being asked. I find myself at times reading the prompt multiple times because I fail to understand it or my response doesn’t answer the prompt completely or correctly. Also, I think it’s a good thing to look over your work and read it over to find what you can fix in it.

  2. I agree with you in regards to our goals and mindsets changing by the end of the year. We might alter or completely change our writing goals within the next month. As students strengthening our writing skills will benefit us not only academically but in the real world. As you said, we should feel pride in any type of progress. Sometimes I feel that because we do live fast-past lives we tend to neglect our small successes.

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