Futures Thinking

I think my future self would have new goals, therefore changing my perspective on what I look forward to when it comes to writing. I feel that my future response would have more direction. It would be catered to something I really want to invoke in myself. Push me closer to who I desire to be. To be able to look back and see the ways I have grown and all the ways in which I could still develop for the better is my goal. I can picture myself learning and evolving throughout the year to discover my writing style. I believe that I can overcome my weakness of detailing my explanations. Improving on my weaknesses will aid in reinforcing my strengths and further develop my writing skills. I will keep my momentum going by taking initiative in my writing by trying to push past my current limits and achieve a new level of writing for myself. I will use the writing center as a source to give constructive criticism on my writing pieces. The overall goal is for my future self to look at this prompt and think of everything she has achieved and how she achieved it. To look at how she conquered her writing struggles and turned them into strengths.

One thought on “Futures Thinking

  1. Anaya, I liked your ending in your blog where you mentioned how your overall goal is to look back and see all that you’ve achieved. I think we all have this same goal of overcoming our writing weaknesses looking back on them and knowing that we’ve turned them into our strengths by the ending of this class.

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