Jorge Estrada – Future Memory

I’m hoping that by the end of this semester, I’ll discover a way to ameliorate my writing. I need to figure out how I can improve and enhance my strengths and weaknesses. I believe that by the end of this course, I will gain the ability to draft a better introductory paragraph and write a lot quicker and efficiently. For starters, I will visit the writing center and schedule an appointment with a tutor that can help me compose strong thesis statements and formulate opening sentences that can properly hook the reader’s attention. I’ll also go to your office hours to edit and revise my essays. By going to these, I’ll have the opportunity to receive direct feedback on where I went wrong and how I failed to meet certain requirements. I’ll also have my family and friends proofread my essay and point out any grammatical mistakes or areas of text that don’t make sense. I’d also like to expand my vocabulary, but at times it can be very problematic since I’ll spend minutes on just a sentence trying to figure out which way to phrase it. This makes the process of writing an essay a lot longer; however, it’s very important and crucial to add diversity to your writing, and by having the ability to choose from an array of words, you can explain things a lot clearer and concisely. It also allows you to be more descriptive, which can essentially help your reader envision what you’re trying to say. No one likes to read the same words repeatedly, and this is why it is so vital to possess a strong vocabulary because, truth be told, this is an advantage to any writer who tries their best to effectively articulate their thoughts and ideas. By having an assemblage of words to choose from, you can incorporate unusual words to maintain and keep the reader’s interest. I really like Hypothesis because we can apply its functionality to any sort of text that we’ll read during our first semester at Baruch. Applications like it can help me organize my thoughts/questions and give me the ability to highlight key pieces of information, which will ultimately prepare me for a class discussion. Since I’ll be posting my responses on Blogs@Baruch, for others to see, I will definitely make an effort to write in a clear and concise manner. It’ll also be great to receive constructive criticism from my classmates. Since this course is centered around the theme of imagined futures, I will be forced to think more creatively and be more inventive since I’ll have to visualize and picture how I will be in the future. For example, this prompt has already challenged me to think deeply about tomorrow and the days that follow. It’s made me reflect on how I plan to grow as a writer.

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  1. I think being able to draft a solid introductory paragraph is something that I and other writers struggle with. The introductory paragraph is the first thing a person will read so often times all the pressure is on to make it perfect. I am sure that through this course and the use of the writing center, we will be able to construct a well-crafted opening to our essays. I also liked the other point you made about writing in a concise manner. I struggle with rambling too much but through feedback from peers and professors, I believe that our writing can become more direct.

  2. I really like how incredibly specific and realistic your plans are. Your knowledge of the resources available to you exponentially increase your potential as a writer. All of these ideas follow the guidelines of a “SMART” goal, so there isn’t a doubt in my mind that you’ll knock it out of the park

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