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The ability to write and read in a different language, in my mind, is a superpower. Although for me, it has become my academic weakness. As a first-year college student, I can’t help but feel my writing skills fall short of what is expected of me. Maybe it’s my unwillingness to understand basic English grammar rules. Or maybe, it’s the unbelievable complexity of the English language. For that reason, my writing suffers from inaccurate sentence structure, wordiness, and redundancy. Recognizing my shortcomings will further my growth as a writer. 

 A year from now, my response to this prompt will praise my exceptional growth as a writer. It will highlight the long hours spent working with the staff at Baruchs writing center. I will be writing about receiving help from one of my closest friends whose writing I greatly admire. In 2022 I will pull out notebooks filled with stories displaying my steady growth over the last year. I plan to start at the base of my problem, grammar. I will dedicate some of my time to solemnly understanding grammatical rules. With this, I hope to gain the ability to play with my sentence structure in a way that intrigues other writers. I intend to make writing one of my hobbies, setting time aside to let my thoughts run rampage across a page. With the guidance and advice of different professors, I will make the editing process more constructive. Within the next year, I expect to recount how I fell in love with the excitement bought forward by the act of each word filling a page. 

3 thoughts on “Pen & Paper

  1. I thought that your attitude towards your reading and writing abilities was very relatable. It’s true that English is a very complex language with a steep learning curve in the later stages, but mastering these skills could prove to be incredibly useful in almost every field. I admire the intent to implement writing into your life in a meaningful way for years to come.

  2. Your title really caught my attention. I like your optimism towards your future writing abilities. You seem willing to put the time and effort into having better writing skills.

  3. I have never related to a post more than this! I believe that for so long I sacrificed grammar to find my writing voice but now, much like you, I believe that my writing is redundant and not as grammatically perfect. I admire your plan to make writing one of your hobbies and setting time aside to understand grammatical rules. It is a very proactive plan and I know that you will be able to accomplish these goals through the years to come.

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