Roderick Joshua’s Writer’s letter

After my fellow peers revised my first draft, it had come to my knowledge that I had an abundance of grammatical mistakes. Last Wednesday, When my group and I were to read each other works, I noticed that my classmates found a common issue in my writing. I had many words that needed capitalization or needed a comma before it among other subtle mistakes you won’t notice on your paper unless you review many times. After seeing this, I took it into account and re-read my paper over and over, looking for grammatical errors that were hard to pinpoint. When it was time to revise our second drafts unfortunately my group couldn’t check over my work because they had to work on their Narratives, so I took this as an opportunity to book a meeting with Professor Muhlbauer. From this, I was able to fix other flaws in my writing. To make my sentences flow like a “waterfall”, my professor told me to reconstruct some of my sentences in a way that it would flow. Professor Muhlbauer also told me to go more in-depth about one of my points, how rocket league served as a “vehicle” for building meaningful conversations with friends. I plan on talking about how It was once through rocket league my friends, Roy and Chris, and I were talking about what we would do with our lives after graduating from high school. Besides these issues listed above, I have not touched my Literacy Narrative for any other manner. I believe this was a strong first attempt at a Literacy Narrative and I should use this well-deserved criticism to develop even better Literacy Narratives and better my writing.

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  1. I agree with you on this idea of having to correct grammatical mistakes in the revision process. Rewording sentences to allow them to flow more easily was also a big issue that I had to fix in my essay. A choppy essay versus one that tells one coherent narrative makes all the difference when readers view our work. I also found it helpful when my peers pointed out some mistakes in my writing because often they noticed things that I didn’t even look at.

    I also thought the initiative you took, scheduling another meeting with the professor, was very smart. I liked how you took feedback from your peers and the professor to complete revising your narrative. I’m sure both these perspectives on your essay helped strengthen your essay and make it legible for readers.

  2. Roderick,

    I really enjoyed reading your writer’s letter! It is very interesting hearing about your one-on-one meeting and the feedback you were given. I like the metaphor of viewing your essay as a “waterfall”. That sense of cohesion is something that I think we all strive for and thinking about it in that manner helps to clear it up. I can definitely relate to having an abundance of grammatical and spelling errors in my writing. I sometimes get so carried away with putting my thoughts on paper that I don’t pay attention to the minutiae, so I always end up having to go back and devote a lot of time to fixing all of those errors!

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