Writer’s Letter

To be honest, there wasn’t much for my first draft, so there wasn’t much for my peers to comment. Regardless of how little there was to comment, they still gave back feedback that was extremely helpful. Their feedback also included tips on how my draft could be better when I do happen to finish it, so I definitely kept that in mind as I was writing. I’ll be honest and say when they time of the second peer review came around, I got lazy and didn’t write anything else from my first draft. That being said, the extra time I took off wasn’t exactly a waste of time. Sometimes, you need to rest your head a bit to clear it up before delving in head-first with all the little tweaks you’ll need to make here and there. Despite saying this, however, I know 100% that this isn’t a paper I could confidently hand in without having doubts. But without mistakes, there will be no improvements. If I do poorly now, that just means I need to do better next time. Nobody is perfect – that’s why we always strive to push our limits.

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Letter

  1. Thank you for saying Dema and I gave you helpful feedback, Dillion! You’re too kind.

    I think it was a good call to take time off the drafting process; I took some time off too because of the writer’s block when it came to creating that “zooming out” voice that is ubiquitous in narrative pieces. I’m not the best narrative writer either, so I also share your thoughts about not having 100% confidence in handing in this literacy narrative major project.

  2. I love your honesty on your paper, and I agree entirely with giving your brain a break when it needs it. It’s been tough lately, and I believe altogether, mental health is the most important thing. The fact, you know there’s always room for improvement means you’re a good writer.

  3. I think that any feedback is helpful, whether or not you plan on using it or have a small amount of material to be commented on. It’s extremely useful to see other people’s points of view and to see if your ideas make sense to people other than yourself. I also agree that breaks are necessary before going over your work. I think you have a good attitude of saying that if you don’t perform too well on this essay, you will work harder next time and that you’re going to continue to push your limits.

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