Stasis Theory


Topic: Gender Wage Gap

  • Question of Fact: Women earn less than men in the workplace. (This essay will provide statistics from The USA and other countries that have a high pay gap, examples referencing the unequal treatment and recognition women face in the workforce.)


  • Question of Definition: The Gender Wage Gap indicates that women make less than men despite their equal efforts and is based on gender norms and stereotypes. (This essay will provide examples of certain careers and fields women are paid less in along. 
  • Question of Cause: The Gender Wage Gap is a direct result of bias and discrimination. It is fed off stereotypes, more specifically the stereotype that women are weaker and inferior to men. ( This essay will reveal that the gender gap is an issue that goes beyond the comparison between men and women but it also stemmed from other stereotypes such as the comparison of the wage gap between white women and women of color.)
  • Question of Value: The pay gap is unconstitutional but still is an issue in our society today, it will not be closed until 2059 without action being taken. (This essay will provide statistics to show the numbers throughout the past ten years and how the road to closing the pay gap is nowhere near if there is nothing to be done about it.


  • Question of Policy: The wage gap should not exist, if two individuals are doing the same job then they should be paid the same without their gender or race being considered. (This essay will provide a claim, evidence, and reasoning in order to prove that the wage gap is unlawful.)

3 thoughts on “Stasis Theory

  1. Hey Patricia,
    Your topic is very interesting. The stance you take is very powerful because I can tell you are very passionate about this topic. I think you will be able to find a lot of information and statistics to support your argument. This topic is not discussed enough, so definitely something different to research.

  2. Hey Patrica!

    I think you did a great job on the status theory, especially on the “Question of Value”. I think the data/evidence you’ll provide for this aspect of your paper will also help echo and back up the thesis you create in a more precise way. For the question of policy, I think the same can be said, it’ll definitely help prove the thesis/ topic you’re discussing so great job!

  3. It’s a sad reality that women complete the same amount of work as men but they are paid less. It’s important that you noted the stereotypes present in the workplace and the discrimination associated with it. I wonder what tells you that this unfortunate problem will be done with in 2059. What actions must be taken in order to do so? I wonder what the research you find will say about how far away we are as a society to completely abolishing this problem? Also what the research says must get done. Looking forward to reading the essay!

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