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Interview Questions

Hello my name is Yelianni. This is my second semester at Baruch. I am majoring in business communications. I really enjoy reading but don’t do it as often but there are books that have left lessons to live by in my life. Due to this fact the interview question “what book has had the most profound impact on your life” I would say is “A Long Way Gone” by Ishmael Beah is on book that has left a mark. The book is based on a child soldier during the time the civil war in Sierra Leone was taking place. It describes his journey and the lessons/ skills he had to learn to be able to survive in this environment. This book really opened my eyes on things that are going on around the world. I feel as though of course everyone knows things like this are going on around the world but its just that. You may talk about it while having dinner with your family one day or over hear about it on a local new channel but it is never really something that most stop and actually acknowledges or tries to help with. As long a its not happening to you or a loved one then we don’t pay attention to critical state of others in most cases. Anyways all that was just to say that the book really impacted my perspective on the world around me and how one’s daily struggles can be completely different to another one across the globe.

I interviewed Dayanara who is in her second year at Baruch and is majoring in Business like me. I really wanted to know what she was looking forward to the most to which she answered graduating. This was because to her and most college is stressful but it is something we have to do so that we can progress in the career choice that best benefits our life. She is looking forward to getting her bachelors degree and is anxious for time to fly by. I can relate to her on that point because although college is very important sometimes to be it feels like a burden or very time consuming but at the end I know that it will all be worth it.

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Interview Questions

Hi guys! I am Swatee Barman. I am a freshman, and I am majoring in CIS. An ideal day for me would be hanging out with the people I love all day. I would wake up around 8 am, then spend the next 2-3 hours catching up with all my favorite drama channels and tv shows while eating breakfast. And then, I would work out for an hour and a half. After that, I would shower and then go into my brother’s room to start a fight with him. In the middle of our fighting, our parents would come in to stop us from causing any serious injuries and to also lecture us to be nice to each other. After that, we would all eat lunch and enjoy watching a movie togehter. After that, I would probably hang out with my friends and meet up in the city to enjoy some fresh air and walk around before going home by curfew and calling it a day.

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Interview Questions

Hi! My name is Dayanara and I was born and raised in Queens. I’m majoring in Business and I’ve been thinking about minoring in something soon! If I had one superpower, I would love to have super speed. With super speed, I would be able to multitask much faster and do so many things. It would also be very convenient work wise for me since I am a barista and a server. With many tickets for drinks having to be made, I would be able to make many drinks a lot quicker. With being able to do many things much faster, it would also make my days so much longer. In other words, I would have much more space and time which will allow me to enjoy my hobbies, besides my responsibilities. 

I spoke to Yelianni and we had many things in common. She’s majoring in business communication but has been recently thinking about changing her major to marketing. We both agreed that super speed would be the best and most useful superpower to obtain. She touched upon how public transportation tends to have delays or take a long time to get to certain areas, and with super speed, there would probably be less complications and it would take less time to get there. We also agreed that with super speed, we would be able to get much more done in less time, allowing us to have more time during the day. 

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My name is Saad Ahmed, I live in the Bronx and I am majoring in Accounting. I enjoy hard rock music, and my favorite show is Poseidon. I play sports and drive race cars for a living. I interviewed Vasir who is Albanian, He wants to commit a bank Robbery in every country like Julius Ceaser did. He would lie for his brother.

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Interview Questions

Hello, my name is Ralphie Fajardo, I live in Staten Island and I am majoring in accounting. I was born in Brooklyn but raised in Ecuador, once I started 4th grade, I moved to New York to have a better education but as well to grow up in one of the best cities in the world. My dream is to give back to the people who helped me. I want to become financially stable so that I can help out my family, especially my father and mother, and be a symbol of hope, strength, inspiration, and a brighter future for my family. I have a long way to go, but I know one day, I will achieve this dream. One thing I’m very proud of is my discipline to attend class everyday, early and ready for anything that can come my way.

In class I talked to Hope (That’s a dope name by the way), she comes to Baruch from Queens and is currently undecided on her major. One thing both Hope and I have in common is that we both have siblings, Hope has an older sister, and I have a younger brother. When we talked, I asked Hope what would she write in her tombstone/gravestone and she responded with Live, Love and Laugh. This reminded me a lot of those Facebook minion posts that every mom has showed you on their phone. Though, I do miss those wholesome minion motivational posts.

Live Laugh Love on Twitter: "#LIVELAUGHLOVE HAVE GOT A #MINION! :D" / Twitter
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Interview question

Hey, my name is Michael. I am majoring in International Business. The prompt that really intrigued me was the one that said “If you could get away with it, what crime would you commit and why?” And if that were the case I would most likely make millions of dollars worth of counterfeit money and deposit it into my bank account. Hopefully it would work since I would technically be able to get away with it.

As for the interviewing aspect of the class, I was able to interview my friend I made from last semester, Demetrios. Our conversation was mostly catching up since we hadn’t seen each other since the semester ended. After that we got onto the interview questions. In order to get a deeper insight onto what Demetrios Karambasis’ mind is truly about. I ask him the question which says “what is it like inside of your head?” And here I am, believing I can get some sort of deeper insight from the source himself, and Demetrios responds with “do you know that baby from the Teletubbies intro?” And so I open YouTube and watch the intro to gain a deeper understanding of who this person is. He then went on to say, “Yeah that is all that is in there.” And here I am, surprised yet understanding that the sun baby was and forever will be a crucial part of Demetrios Karambasis, and the day that sun goes down is the day I will lose a good friend.

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Interview Question

Hello, my name is Brandon Eng and I am a second semester freshmen here at Baruch. I am planning on majoring in Finance, but that may be subject to change. From the interview questions list, I choose the question “What is the hardest thing for you to do”. I choose this question because sometimes life gets tough, and it is extremely important that we share our feelings and not bottle it in. To answer the question, I would say the hardest thing for me to do is let go, and move on. I have a personality where I get attached at times, so adjusting to new changes is something really hard for me to do. Letting go and moving on is hard when I put a lot of time and thinking into something. When I build a connection to anything, I tend to take it personal, so when there are times I need to release or let go for my own good, it is difficult.

During the first day of class, I got to talk to one of my classmates. My classmate was sitting close to me so naturally we gravitated towards each other. He had a very chill vibe, and was very easy going. We both felt the same, it was kind of weird because we were back to class with different people, after having over a month off. I asked him a pretty interesting question, and it was “explain why some people get along with me”. He responded with “I have an easygoing personality, I like peace, and to make people laugh by cracking jokes”. I agreed with that statement because I got a sense of his personality, based off the very minimal short conversation we had prior.

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Interview Questions

Hi, my name is Amari and I’m from Queens, NY. I am a very outgoing person and always down for any activity. Very in tuned with music despite my liking for DaBaby. I also enjoy watching anime and playing a variety of sports (can’t be guarded in both basketball and soccer). If I had the chance to fight one person who’s alive today that I know I’d beat, it’d probably be Kevin Hart. I feel like our fight would be a great pitch for a movie, causing me to be famous and insanely rich.

I interviewed Amir, who also lives in Queens. He loves Asian food and Barcelona which I’m still stuck on the fact why anybody would support such a sad team. Apart from that, he plays soccer/volleyball and is a bit of a sneakerhead.

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Class Introduction

Ray’s Question: “What are three things you like about yourself?”

1: I’m an understanding person

2: I find myself very funny

3: It’s not something you should like, but I like to disregard my personal problems to help the people i really care about sometimes. It actually does benefit me even if it may seem it doesn’t but i do enjoy being “that person” for someone to go to when they need advice or to just talk in general.

Summer’s Question: “If you could get away with it, what crime would you commit and why?”

— “I wouldn’t do any because it’s just the type of person i am, even if i could i just wouldn’t I don’t see the point in bringing myself those types of complications, even if yes, I can get away with it quote on quote.”

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Interview Questions

Hello! My name is Summer Green and I am a freshman here at Baruch College. The interview question I will be telling you about is as follows: “What do you consider the greatest threat to your happiness?”. The answer to this question is much simpler than you may think, thought I have to tell you a short story to get there. I consider myself the greatest threat to my own happiness. I feel like the years following 2020 and the pandemic have been surrounded around the idea of self awareness and getting to know who you are and how you think. I used to feel like my mood was dependent on the factors around me. Things as little as the weather used make me feel better or worse. Recently I’ve broken out of this mentality. I now refuse to let others affect the way I feel— the way I carry myself. However, this has also opened my eyes to how often I tend upset myself. Removing the blame from outside factors has put a spotlight on what’s on the inside. I’m dramatic and I tend to overthink, but I do not consider those to be negative traits. I actually appreciate that about myself, and consider it being mentally prepared for the worst. Becoming aware of this has allowed me to better control my mindset. I decide how I feel, and I decide how to handle those emotions. I’ve decided in some situation to just… not get upset, and I continue to practice these techniques. Next on the list is learning how to avoid self-stress :).

In class, Ray and I talked about several of the interview questions but the one I will focus on is “What would you like to accomplish this semester?”. We agreed on the answer to this question, as he said that he would like to be more organized in order to stay on top of things. He mentioned going back to review materials as necessary in order to be as efficient and productive as possible.

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