Camille’s Future Memory

My future response to this prompt will change because as of today I have not yet completed a college English class. I remember going into high school with a certain set of goals for my writing and coming out having learned so much about the writing process. and how to use rhetorical devices. I know that the same thing will happen in my first year at college because a person’s writing style and technique is something that is constantly evolving.

I believe that my writing goals will change because my writing style will most likely have changed by the end of this year. I don’t necessarily see my writing priorities becoming too different in the future but I do believe that I will prioritize more of the writing process like editing and reviewing my work. Along with that, I anticipate my skill set as a writer becoming stronger. I believe that the more I write, the more I can learn about how to be a better writer. I also anticipate that my weakness of rambling will improve this semester by learning how to write a more clear and specific thesis statement which will allow for the body paragraphs to be more constrained. Because I have access to many resources like the tutors at the Writing Center and meeting with professors during office hours, I can truly improve my writing one-on-one by asking questions that pertain to my writing uniquely. I also anticipate that through using Hypothesis, my writing will become more analytical. Having already used Hypothesis once, I can see how annotating and carefully reading allows me to think more deeply which in return will allow me to construct a well-crafted essay. Overall, know that I can keep the momentum going by my passion for writing and my want to be able to write at a college level.

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3 thoughts on “Camille’s Future Memory

  1. I like how you talked about your high school growth as a writer and how you look forward to the growth ahead of you. I agree that throughout this course your writing will be come stronger as a result of learning new things.

  2. I think you make very good points about how your writing skills will change over the course of the year. It is very much true that your writing skills change throughout high school and things will be different in college. As long as you stick to your plan on what you want to do this year you will be able to achieve any goal that you are thinking about.

  3. I agree with you in the sense that my priorities and goals concerning my writing will not change, I believe I will always have more or less the same set of goals regardless of where I am in my journey as a writer. I also struggle with rambling in my papers and hope that with the help of the Writing Center and other resources we can both overcome this weakness of ours! I have a passion for writing as well which motivates me to become a better writer and take the extra steps that I usually skip such as rereading and revising my work.

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