Future’s Thinking- Blog Post 1

    My future response to this prompt might differ from my response to the same prompt from my first day of class, because of all the new writing skills/experiences I would have obtained from this class. My writing goals would change from my current goals now coming into college. After going through these writing courses in English 2100, all the skills that I have acquired from revising, editing, and getting feedback from my peers or my professors/ the writing department in Baruch, I am able to use these new skills I’ve learned to expand on my knowledge in how to present my writings in the proper way. My writing priorities would have changed from now and then because of the circumstances of where I would be as a writer a year from now. I will no longer have the same issues with my writing task as I did before, as a result of utilizing the resources that are being offered to me in Baruch. As a college writer, I hope to develop and evolve my writing into a more understandable and presentable format for all to read. I feel that my writing skills now are not as advanced as I would want it to be, so I am hoping that I will take these new writing skills and apply them to my future writing pieces or any other writing related tasks. I will improve on my weaknesses by getting as much help as I can from the Baruch Writing Center, my peers, my Professors, etc. I will try to reinforce and keep the momentum going, on my strengths of writing, by continuously taking my writing tasks seriously and practice upon them as much as I can.