Stasis Theory

Topic: Racism and discrimination in America

Question of Fact: Racism has been an issue in our society for a really long time. (This essay will explain some of the background about racism and will use real life examples as supporting evidence).

Question of Definition: By definition, racism is being discriminative towards someone else based off a key feature such as skin color. Racism shouldn’t exist in general anymore. (This essay will focus on some tragic events as supporting evidence, I will include examples from an article regarding the deaths of George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor).

Question of Cause: Racism in the United States was born during the African slave trade when African Americans first cam to America.

Question of Value: How African Americans impacted our society. (This essay will give some facts about some historical events where African Americans changed society).

Question of Policy: Should there be new laws against racism? (This essay will give some reasoning on why there should be laws against racism and how society would go about it).

2 thoughts on “Stasis Theory

  1. I’m interested to see what you write given a very sensitive issue such as the one you chose, and you clearly stated how exactly you will address the questions with your essays, which makes it clear what to expect from them.

  2. I think each of your thesis statements or questions of (insert category) need to sound more arguable because you have written them as if they can have one thousand counter-examples; for example, “How African Americans impacted our society” sounds like a part of a sentence rather than a complete thought or claim that you would expand in the researched argument major assignment.

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