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Community service

How did your community service work help the community?

I was able to advise walkers of the leukemia and lymphoma walk that the end was at city hall.

What were your initial reactions upon hearing that you would be engaging in a community service project?

I was excited because I have always done some form of service to others

How did it make you feel to give your time and energy to others?

I felt proud and honored to help others.

What did you learn about yourself, the people around you, and the service site?

I learned that organizing a service event on such a grand scale is very complicated and requires many volunteers and helpers.

What stands out as the best and/or most trying experiences that occurred while engaging in your community service project? What did you learn from these experiences?

I mostly enjoyed seeing the happiness in the walkers faces when they reached the us on the bridge. They felt that they had made a real accomplishment.

How did engaging in this project relate to your education and the larger issues in society?

This project taught me that even the simplest of events couldn’t be accomplished without the help of volunteers.

How did your community service experience relate to the “Leadership and Service” session?

Once divided into groups, we had to follow specific instructions in order to preform the requested service. This shows both leadership and service.

How has your community service experience changed your thinking, attitudes, and actions towards others, yourself, the community, and community service work as a whole?

This community service taught me to be more humble, and that I should truly dedicate my time to the community.

How has your community service experience impacted you personally? What is the most important thing you learned about yourself throughout this experience?

I learned that I should value my community and the people within it. The is because nothing would be in existence if someone had not provided service to assist.

Were you satisfied with your experience overall? Why or why not?

Although It was a long a tiring night, spending it with my friends and fellow new Yorkers made it worth it.

Do you see yourself staying involved in the community during your college and adult years? Why or why not?

Yes I do, because I truely enjoyed it.

Sum up your service-learning experience in a one-or two-sentence headline:
The finish line is at city hall.

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It all starts at five am. My cell phone begins with its buzz buzz buzz off the side of my bed. In total darkness I feel all around on the floor making even more of a mess in my room before I can find it. Once i turn off that stupid alarm, Its time to shower. I take this shower time to ponder my thoughts such as “why on earth am I taking an 8:15 am class?”. Thats the most popular one, along with why is it so dark out?

You’d think that being a freshman in college, I’d be a lot more concerned with my grades and time management. Not me. The commute from long island. That’s what stresses me out the most.

For some people they can just roll out of bed, hop on a subway and be at school in like twenty minutes. I have to wake up at the crack of dawn, and make sure I have every single thing I need for the day. It’s so frustrating. Not only am I operating on less than five hours of sleep, but I also need to think clearly. It’s not that easy.

I become paranoid that I am going to forget a paper, a folder or a water bottle. I hate paying three bucks for water. It’s ridiculous. Once I load my life into my bag, I trek off to the LIRR. Normally the train isn’t that big of a deal, but a peak 6:30 train just sucks. It’s filled with business men and construction workers who just stare at you and try to figure out why some 18 year old is riding “their” train.

As the train rolls through each station, I doze in and out of consciousness with each unnecessary announcement the speakers make in an all too perfect tone. ” bing bong, this is the train to penn station, this station is lindenhurst, the next station is copiague,”

I wish I could just fall into a deep enough sleep but I have this weird fear of people watching me while I sleep. I mean, when people sprawl out across the seats with their mouths open while snoring, you cant help but judge them. That’s exactly what I don’t want people doing to me. Who knows what I look like when I sleep. I sure don’t.

If I was just some kid who didn’t care about their future, I would have quit after the first day. But, I’m not. I have such a determination within me. People everywhere keep talking about the recession, and the lack of jobs but I want to prove them wrong. I want to show that if you are a hard worker and push yourself, you can make your own future, that isn’t defined by anyone or anything. That’s my goal.

So I’ll put up with that stupid alarm, the dark shower, the sleepless train rides and whatever else frustrates me because I am going to have a bright future.

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Who do you think you are?

My name is Liz Huggins. I was both born and raised on the south shore of long island in a town called lindenhurst. I would say that I am a determined and serious student while also being loud and wild. I can say right off the back that at some point in our college years, you will hear or see me singing to some song thats stuck in my head, and wish I had never opened my mouth. I genuinely wish I had the ability to sing, but instead I’m interested in history and business. One of my main concerns with starting college is that I will graduate without knowing what I want to do. Although I know I would like to enter the business field, I am not quite sure which area. I am also concerned because unlike high school, there is not a teacher or counselor always on your back telling you how you are performing. I know that I will need to try my hardest to maintain a solid gpa. I am also concerned with falling behind on my homework considering the fact that my classes are not every single day.
 I think my first year in college will change me only for the better. I am hoping that it will make me a more organized person. It will force me to manage my time and help me to grasp the true concept of multi-tasking. All in all, I am genuinely excited to be attending Baruch college this year.

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