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1- The work loaded that I expected was more than I thought it actually was. I thought I would be involved with clubs and such more but I’m not. I just don’t have the time for it.

2- It went absolutely awful.

3- Study more

4- I’ve learned how to navigate the city better.

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Community Service Evaluation

  1. It helped to direct people in the right direction in order for them to finish the walk.
  2. “Ughhhhhhhhh.”
  3. Cold.
  4. That people think Phil looks like Justin Bieber, that trying to hold up a giant poster/sign on the Brooklyn bridge is difficult and that you can get killed by a bicycle on the Brooklyn Bridge (basically..)
  5. I learned that the guy that was in charge didn’t really know what was going on.
  6. You need to take risks and make decisions in order to benefit yourself and others in the long run.
  7. Had to take it upon ourselves to make a decision and at the same time this helped the people on the walk go/be directed in the right direction.
  8. No.
  9. That despite the fact that I got home at 12am..I can do well on tests the morning after.
  10. Yes because I got to be on the Brooklyn Bridge and be part of Light the Night.
  11. I’m not sure yet.
  12. Standing on the Brooklyn Bridge telling people to go to city hall and to not take pictures.
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I go by Audrey, Aud and Audacious. I’m a dreamer, an artist and an aspiring photographer. I was 4 when I picked up my first camera during a trip to Disney World. Since then it had been one crazy journey; lots of highs and lows but nothing I can complain about. Photography is what I eat, live and breathe. It’s my outlet for inspiration, creativity and a way to express myself without revealing top much. It has only become apparent recently that photography would be a major part of my life. Everything took a turn for the best when I decided to shoot some high school football game out of pure fun and boredom.

For years all I wanted to do was shoot live concerts. Concerts were all I ever knew growing up in elementary, middle and high school. For me, music was my quiet place despite the fact that I would be losing a good percentage of my hearing by the age of fifteen, but that’s besides the point. Being at a concert made me feeling like I didn’t have to care about anything else that was going on outside, once I stepped into that atmosphere nothing else mattered except the fact that I was seeing one of my favorite bands live. Everything was left at the door. It was only recently that I realized that I could merge my two interests together. I began shooting live concerts at the end of my junior year. Since then I have worked with a handful of music publications, shot shows I never dreamed of shooting and further perfected my craft.

Although this may seem like perfection at it’s best, it is not my friends. It gets better. Being that I ran track and was the manager of a varsity track team in high school, sports are not foreign to me. I took it upon myself to go shoot a football game for a friend that was on the track team and now on the football team. Little did I know that this would evolve into something more than just a leisure activity. After covering that one game, my facebook exploded with comments, friend requests and messages. People went NUTS for my photos. The photos I took because I had nothing else better to do. People that I had never met or spoke to began to talk about MY photos. Soon after, I was aske d by the captain of the team to shoot all and any of their nearby games on the island. It was then at their homecoming game that I was offered an internship with a local publication as a sports photographer. After this, I was shooting games backto back and editing photos for hours on end just for this hobby that I had. The path that my photography has taken were not my intentions but who knows, maybe I’ll have one of this crazy stories like Al Bello when I grow up. Only time will tell.

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‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

Who am I? I’m Audrey, Aud, Aud Lew, or Audacious. I’m a dreamer, an artist, a writer, a pianist, a photographer and a teenager. I’m also a freshman at Baruch. Before this semester started I was so excited but also scared out of my skin. One of my major concerns was keeping up with the material in all of my courses also, the word syllabus just scares me. I was also concerned with not knowing where to go, believe it or not. In high school, I would know exactly where to go for the solution to problems, I would know who talk to about a specific issue where as in Baruch I thought I would be completely lost in the sea. But the one thing I was concerned about the most was not staying true to myself and changing my ways just to “make friends” in college (I can tell you that this is no longer a concern).

College life is a different breed from high school life. It’s more raw and real; it’s like a reality check. The one thing I know that will make my experience at Baruch College different from my high school experience is the fact that I can broaden my network so much more. Where as I had only about maybe a thousand or so people going to my high school, I now have the entire campus..the entire city to network. Another aspect that I think will be different is the atmosphere in general, everything is so much more fast paced yet at the same time more relaxed. It’s a complete contradiction but some how it works.

 Change occurs whether you like it or not. I don’t exactly know how my first of college will change me but I do hope that it will change me in the sense that it will make me more mature in all aspects of my life.  

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