Step 1: Facing Into It With Faith

When something disappointing happens, our first, most natural reaction is denial. We think, “No. That didn’t just happen. It can’t be. It must be some mistake.”
So in order to overcome this and every adversity you face, the first step we have to take is to face into it. We have to accept what just happened. For most people, this takes faith or trust in a higher plan.

The idea is to take a deep breath, and stay in the present. Repeat to yourself:
“I accept what just happened. I am right here, right now and nowhere else. I am not alone. I trust in a higher power and I trust there is a good reason for what just happened. I am not going to try to control the outcome. I am not going to worry about the future nor obsess with the past.”

So, the first step is simply staying in the present, saying “YES” to everything that happens. We are put in situations for good reason. Facing into Adversity means staying “in the now”, in the present tense. Don’t torture yourself with “what if’s?” Or “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve”. Remember that the more you resist facing the current reality, the more suffering you will experience. The goals would be to accept it with serenity, faith and dignity.

In this step you allow this misfortune to enter your life and say to yourself: “Okay. This happened. I’m not dead. I’m not defeated. This is a loss. This is a setback. That’s all. I will overcome this with faith, with forgiveness, with learning, with appreciation, with giving and then by taking focused action.”

There are so many companies who experienced adversity and overcame and their examples can teach us the power of all the six steps. Toyota had a major problem when the Lexus was first introduced – and overcame by facing into it and fixing the problem with dignity. Coca Cola, when they introduced “New Coke” is another good example. More on this later.

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3 thoughts on “Step 1: Facing Into It With Faith

  1. “Strength comes from within.” One of my good friends told me this important quote when he notice others having difficult times. Problems come from all places and when there is a problem, there is always a solution. There will always be a time when all of us have that moment of feeling depressed, and instead of looking down on ourselves, we have to make every moment possible. We must search for solutions the first thing we come across any problem in our lives.

  2. The quote of ” What you deny or ignore, you delay, what you accept and face you conquer is one that really stood out to me. As college students we tend to procrastinate and push things off. Ignoring these responsibility only makes things worse. In college and in life we must accept and face responsibilities to conquer them.

  3. This quote is great of for when your starting up in a new job “Running from your problems solves nothing… Facing your problems is the first step in changing a problem into a solution.” This is how your start becoming successful.

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