4) Mental & Intellectual Cycles

The health of your mental or intellectual dimension of your life is based on how well you can read, think, imagine, meditate, learn, memorize, express yourself and your ideas and so on. If your spiritual dimension is represented by your soul, and your emotional dimension your heart, this dimension is represented by your mind. How intellectually healthy are you? How quickly do you understand new material? How well do you think? Are you creative?

A vicious cycle in this dimension can begin as you sit down to watch TV instead of reading a book; as TV becomes a habit, you lose your focus or ability to read or learn or challenge yourself mentally. You become accustomed to sound-bites and constant stimulation of 30 second commercials; you get used to not using your mind or your creativity until bad habits continue, and your choices become rote. (Did you know that about 95% of American adults never read a non-fiction book after High School?

You can imagine the virtuous cycles in this dimension. Just as one good deed leads to another in your spiritual dimension, so too, in your intellect – as you train your mind to learn and read and memorize and think— it becomes easier!

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2 thoughts on “4) Mental & Intellectual Cycles

  1. We are all losing our mental abilities due to our laziness. We rather sit down and watch T.V. instead of doing hw or some challenging activity. If you don’t use it, you will lose it. Using “the meat between your ears” will help build you mental functionality and sharpen your responses and response time.

  2. Psychologist have always said that having a good mental health will help you become successful. When one person does too many things, they create lots of stress which as a results damages their mental capacity. They say that people get good grades when their mind is free of stress and anxiety. Having a strong mind will enable one to become more aware of his or her surroundings.

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