Scott Adams’ Secret of Success: Failure

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9 thoughts on “Scott Adams’ Secret of Success: Failure

  1. Great article. It reminds me of Ricky Cohen’s speech, especially when he said, “Failure will platform you to get up and reach higher.” It’s almost as if failure is life’s best teaching.

  2. Interesting article in regards to the theory of being beware of taking advice from successful people and their methods. I always imagined that its best to learn from their success and mistakes to be a wiser person. But the theory this article suggest may change my outlook on the previously held theory of mine.

    #58, Sinha, Yash

  3. I am glad to have read this article. We all have weaknesses in our lives and we all learn from them. “Failure is the key to success.” People that think they are successful both academically and professionally will not understand how to best tackle the challenges that await them. It is life-learning process to experience mistakes.

  4. I saw this article in my grandmother’s house and remembered that you said to read it. Normally I don’t pick up the WSJ, but I decided to read it anyway and found it very interesting, and enjoyable.

  5. I actually saw this article on a friend’s desk today. It is inspirational some of the most successful people failed at lease once in their lives. If you do not fail at something, then you are not human. Thus, people should not be afraid to fail, since success will come soon after due to the knowledge gained from failing.

  6. The article is very interesting and reminds me of Ricky Cohen’s presentation. He also mentioned the necessity of failure and how it was vital to have a failure in one’s career. I like how the author makes the distinction about how a failure should not only make one stronger and more capable to face a similar failure, but smarter and more energized as well. “Failure is a resource that can be managed,” the author aptly puts. I agree that it helps to be optimistic and use failure as the resource it is.

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