1) Physical Health Cycle

The physical dimension of your life is defined by your body and your physical health.

A vicious cycle may occur when you don’t feel good about your body; you eat too much; you feel fat; you become a proverbial “couch potato”; this loop spirals downward in repeating cycles … you don’t feel good about your body, so you eat too much, you feel fat, too embarrassed of your body to get to the gym, so you stay home instead and watch TV… etc.

The opposite of this is the Virtuous Cycle that occurs when you perform some physical exercise which makes you feel really good about yourself. You come home from the gym and decide to keep the good feeling going. Instead of eating potato chips, you eat an apple, instead of soda, you drink mineral water…the next day, you awake feeling good and wanting those “feel good enzymes” scientists call “endorphins” so you make sure to hit the gym again and watch what you eat… the cycle continues.

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3 thoughts on “1) Physical Health Cycle

  1. Physical health is important to success I feel. Whenever I have a test or homework to do, I like to go for a walk or fast-paced bike ride to free up my mind a little and get some blood flowing to there. When I come back from this, I feel better and am able to concentrate on the task at hand more. Physical activity also helps build up the immune system and reduce infections. It is a win-win situation.

  2. I agree. It is definitely a win-win situation because people that get involved in their hobbies like driving cars and sailing sailboats develop stronger physical strength. They also gain the will and courage to take on challenges and face them head on. It shows that having a strong physical body makes you confident and ready to face anything.

  3. I completely agree. Whenever I am in the best physical health I do better in every aspect of life. Two semesters ago I compete in many Crossfit competitions and also competed in something called the Whole Life Challenge. I ended up winning the Whole Life Challenge, was in the best shape I had been in a while, and got the highest GPA of my college career. I’d say it all plays a huge part!

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