3) Spiritual Cycles

If your physical dimension is your body, and your financial dimension is your bank account, then your spiritual dimension is your soul or your conscience. Ask yourself how spiritually healthy you are. Are you a good person? Are you moral? Are you an ethical person? How do you treat people? Are you kind to others? Are you sincere? Honest? Do you have integrity? Are you fair with people?

A vicious cycle may occur when you do something you’re not proud of; you do something that you would consider wrong or unethical. You feel guilty; you feel sad, ashamed, impure or bad about yourself; you have a negative impression of yourself, and go back to doing the wrong things until they become bad habits and the cycle continues.

A positive, virtuous spiritual cycle can occur when you start doing something good. You volunteer at a soup kitchen serving dinner to hungry poor people. You feel good about yourself. Someone asks you for a lift home and you oblige. You feel like a good person and start acting that way. You seize the next opportunity to do something good as you remember how good you felt that last time.

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One thought on “3) Spiritual Cycles

  1. A wise person once said that ” a sharp mind strengthens one’s spirit.” We experience psychological emotions to influence the way we behave. A person who experiences happiness feels confident as oppose to one who experiences negative emotions along his/her life. It is the act of giving and receiving that determines our spiritual outcome. It is important to realize that we seek positive emotions in order to have a strong spirit and be free of our stress and anxieties.

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