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Creative Remix Reflective Essay

My creative remix was a podcast of the Black Panthers Party, the context of the work is that I was giving the listeners and my guest an introduction to the Black Panther’sParty. I wanted my work to give listeners an incentive and a newfound interest in learning more about a seemingly buried topic. I hope that it can spread awareness of this topic and remind people that this part of our history, the Black Panthers Party, was a major pillar for programs that we do not think twice about. That is if I publicly publish this, aside from Blogs@Baruch, and I believe my anxiety would probably never let me do that. Even then I think the history of the BPP still lingers around our culture, even if the government tried to dismantle it, the beliefs and aspirations of the party still linger to this day. It is part of our music, art, and fashion. 

I chose to do a podcast because recently, I have been listening to a lot of podcasts, from an array of topics such as scary stories, commentary, and motivational podcasts. There are some podcasts that I don’t even know what their genre is, but it’s nice to listen to them while I’m preoccupied with other work. So with this in mind, when Prof. Perry told us we can do a podcast, I really wanted to apply it to the BPP. I had many ideas, I wanted some microphones, with some music in the background and some good sound quality. Sadly my dreams of a perfect podcast kinda went out the window when I found out how much it costs to have high-quality production microphones. Then I had to move on to picking a guest for this project. I had a couple of friends in mind that I wanted to ask, but the more I thought about who to ask, the funniest image came to my head, and that was my brother. With a lot of convincing and maybe some coercion, he agreed to be part of my podcast. With a rough idea of the direction of the podcast and my special guest, all I had to do was write my script. It wasn’t really a script but it was more of an outline or targets I wanted to talk about during the podcast. I wanted the podcast to sound and be the most normal and natural as it could be, but starting off the podcast we experienced some problems, the music was not really helping the podcast and I was scared about having copyright problems so we decided to remove it, as my brother and I started to record, it became very amusing to do this project. 

Using my phone to record, we had multiple attempts at recording and I had multiple test trials of how to get the recording from my phone to my computer. Sadly, with not too much time on my side, I was not able to really edit the recording, I did cut some parts from the beginning and end since it was dead air. So after reviewing my options, I came up with this way of transferring my recording to my computer, which was by emailing the recording to myself using my phone. I was worried the file would be corrupted or would not fully work but nevertheless, I was able to get the recording on my computer. But this was when the problem came in, that was that blogs at Baruch were not letting me post the file. One of my other peers also had the same problem, even when I tried sending the recording through Black Board it wasn’t working. Luckily Prof. Perry allowed me to play the recording loudly to the class, afterwards, I was able to email it to Prof. Perry through of Outlook. I don’t really know why my recording was not supported by Blogs@Baruch, but I was able to get by. 

After a lot of thinking, I still think I don’t want to publish my podcast to the public, the idea of putting this on the internet and keeping it there kinda weirds me out. Maybe if my work was of higher quality, I would want to post it, but this podcast is something I would rather keep private. I think of this podcast more as a funny moment, and a fun project that my brother and I both worked on. My brother too also thinks I should not post it since he thinks this experience was embarrassing. 

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Creative remix project reflection

             I had never imagined that one day I would perform my voice on any of the famous social media platforms before starting the creative remix project. For the creative remix project, we are asked to recreate the previous two projects we did on Black Panther Party and Wikipedia gender bias as a multimedia piece such as a podcast. The goal of his project is to see how the medium we choose will affect how the message that was presented to the audience. I participated in a group with another two students, Jing Wang, and Maggie Lin. After a long discussion, we decided to use the podcast as our multimedia piece to recreate the project of Wikipedia gender bias.

            It’s interesting that at the beginning of the discussion on the medium we were thinking about using PowerPoint or virtual essay as our medium to present the project, but we eventually decided to use podcast as our medium. The major reason is that podcasts can better connect the audience to the problem compared to just plain text, in which the tone of the speaker matters does affect how the message is brought to the audience and how much attention audiences will pay to this podcast. In addition, we believe that listening to a podcast doesn’t take much attention from the audience compared to reading a long text, which means podcast is more portable for audiences to listen to compared to concentrating on reading plain text. After that, we had a long discussion on deciding between the topic Black Panther Party or Wikipedia gender bias. We considered the notability of both topics to the public; we considered the gender bias issue on Wikipedia less notable compared to Black Panther Party. Wikipedia is a well-known online encyclopedia, but its gender bias is rarely known. After all, few people pay attention to the hardship of those female editors nor the huge difference in gender ratio when they access Wikipedia.

            We decide to split the work before starting working on the project, Jing was in charge of writing the overall script, me and Maggie will be the speaker for our podcast. At first, we decided our intended audience will be the younger generation who are more used to receiving messages from social media. For this reason, we put more attention on how to attract the attention and interest of the audiences and abandoned much information and evidence we had collected from previous projects. If no one is interested in the podcast, it’s no use no matter how much evidence and argument we brought up. For this reason, we decided to create a sense of discussion between the two speakers and brought up the statistical data and experience of female editors during the conversation as supporting detail. In our expectation, conversation and the overall tone are put first before the overall structure of evidence supporting the argument.

            It’s hard to find a balance between academic tone and interestingness, which is why we end up spending most of our time revising the script. We often found room for improvement almost every time we try to practice the script, problems like too much evidence-making with so little interaction, boring tone, and stiff sentences. The time we spent discussing how to improve the part exceeded the time we used to practice the script. We decided to make the overall tone of the podcast question and answers, we can use a question to bring up the general argument and provide evidence while answering. We also tried to involve our personal experiences and opinion in the discussion and tried to drag the overall tone away from just giving a plain and neutral argument.

            We also struggled a lot with practicing the script. Neither of us has experience before presenting a long script, in which the tone and voice often get too low and weak after a long dialogue. I and Maggie decided to split the script into five small sections so that we can pause between each section to respite and prevent tiredness due to the long dialogue. After finishing our recording, we are aware of a serious problem. No one in the group had experience with any of the editing software or any experience in creating a podcast. We are learning and editing the project at the same time. During this process, we learned how to combine different clips of audio, insert an image, and create virtual effects. Even though we learned how to use the software is not enough for us, we have no idea what we need to create a well develop podcast video. We looked through other podcast videos on YouTube, but these videos involved many complex visual effects and well develop overall structure, this is something we cannot grasp in a short time. We thought of adding background music, but we weren’t satisfied with the outcome, in which the background music drowns out our voice. Eventually, we only put a background image and some virtual effects on the audio and turned it into a simple podcast audio. Common Creative Permit is a big problem when we are browsing for cover and background images, but luckily, we still found an image that was strongly connected to our topic of gender bias.

            We uploaded our final product to YouTube eventually. YouTube is the platform we decided to publish after discussion because, from our personal experience, YouTube is the most used video platform we know. Overall, we are quite satisfied with how the podcast turned out, the tone and intonation in the conversation turn out brought out the message in a way that is easier to understand by the audiences. Especially in this era of the internet, everyone is gradually losing their patience in spending time to really understand a topic.

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Reflective essay

Ethan Jusino

Prof Perry 

Eng 2150 

To introduce this reflection paper I would like to say that it was a pleasure to actually do this, turning an old piece of work into something new. The project I chose was the most recent one. Since I had a lot of the information on the woman in red that I chose, which was Celina Acosta Vice, I decided to do a podcast of my essay. Explaining it in my own words was not easy and in fact it was quite difficult because I decided to wing it by reading certain things off my essay paper which I know I did really well. 

Overall while deciding on what to use for my multimedia project I ultimately thought about who the intended audience was, I was thinking beyond the classroom so with the tone of my voice I tried to keep in informative. However I know I couldn’t do that without sounding like a robot so I did also try to slightly change the tone as well which would make it more interesting. I knew that it would be anyone that had the ability to find this podcast and listen to it on Spotify. Now the purpose was to educate people on who Celina Acosta Vice was and what her life was like, to show people that her accomplishments were very undermined because of the fact that pretty much everywhere you look to try to find her name it is either erased or forgotten. It is a nice look back in the history of women and how their achievements were almost fully forgotten based on their looks. 

Now the difference between choosing the Black Panther Party versus making the Wikipedia project was more of the creativity to it based on the information that we have researched and put together. I really decided to choose the Wikipedia project because I built that from the ground up. I had to find as much data as possible for it and then create an article for it. It was fine at first due to the fact that I had been able to use all of my information to form a nice little article even if it ultimately got deleted. Why did I choose to do a podcast though? Well the answer to that is simple, I just really wanted to sit down and talk about this person for as much time as I could. Just sitting back and relaxing with music and putting on my educational/ relaxed tone of voice really made the experience easier for me. It allowed me to focus more on actually getting the information out there rather than worrying about how I sound and what I look like. Not that I am self conscious, it just makes life easier to be faceless. I listened to podcasts before I even had the idea to make my own and it was always really interesting because of the fact that there was either one person talking or there were multiple people. After listening to around 30 hours worth of podcasts I discovered that either the independent or the ones with one or two guests worked really well. 

The benefits of using the  multimedia format allows for many different views to be explained differently. Like in my essay I talked about a small amount of her work before Acosta Vice became a politician, but in my podcast I talked more about it and how she was really struggling keeping her life stable because of the lack of opportunities. In addition, during my podcast I described why she kept going just a bit more so than in my essay because it was easier to fathom the words to speak instead of the words to type it. It really comes down to which types of media is used as well because infographics are really good as well when paired with little pieces of text as well. 

Due to how quickly this project came after the previous one I ran into multiple issues. Having run through a few scripts for the video essay that I scrapped completely because it just did not sound like me at all. I am more of a natural speaker and I sort of don’t like scripts because of the lack of variety in tone of voice. When reading off a piece of paper for me it is more robotic and less enthusiastic which is what I try to avoid entirely. My voice can be very soothing which I feel is good for a podcast, my friends also listened to the podcast and they were like my voice is really nice and the music in the background only made it better. If I had done let’s say infographics , I would have been able to include a bunch of photos related to the time period and Acosta Vice herself. However I just could not get it to work at all. So having some experience with podcasts I knew what I could include. It was not like I just did a one and done thing though because some of the audio files got corrupted so I then had to redo the entire 6 minutes of the podcast and try to remember what exactly I said word for word. So even though I had known what I was doing when it came to the podcast option, it did challenge me just enough to almost consider doing something else completely. 

Finally , to better demonstrate why I made it public on spotify is that it is a very popular streaming service and easily accessible to anyone on practically any device. I could go on my playstation and load up spotify and just play my own podcast if I want to. It is not about me though, it is about the audience of people I want to listen to and to put it simply that is anyone that likes podcasts about people. Whenever I am on the train in NYC I’ve noticed that there are a bunch of people that actually listen to podcasts and some of them I have never even heard of. This piece of work is made for anyone that really wants to view it, which can be from a college professor all the way to a highschooler that wants to learn something interesting. 

In conclusion I understand that the way I use my voice and change my tone allows for a better experience because having one voice is not really enticing. Also choosing a podcast was a smart decision by me because I had background music that really fit with my voice, it also helped me get my point across in a different way. There were many constraints when it came to it like how the platform worked and what other options I had. As well as having full control in creativity. Lastly the audience was arguably the most important because everyone is on their phone now listening to anything.

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Creative Remix Project 3

Aslam Amir

Professor Perry

ENG 2150-                                                                                                                                         


Project 3

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that has become a go-to source for many students, researchers, and curious individuals looking to expand their knowledge on a variety of topics. However, one of the major criticisms of Wikipedia is its gender bias and exclusion of women. The website is predominantly written and edited by men, with less than 20% of its contributors being women. This lack of representation has resulted in a bias toward male perspectives, leading to a skewed view on women in history, society, and various fields.  The gender bias on Wikipedia is evident in the way women are represented on the platform. Women’s contributions and achievements are often overlooked or downplayed, while male figures are given more attention and coverage. For example, on Wikipedia, there are more articles about male politicians, scientists, and artists than female ones. This misrepresentation can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and limit the visibility of women’s contributions in various fields.

Moreover, the exclusion of women from Wikipedia can have a significant impact on how women are perceived in society. Wikipedia is often used as a source of information by journalists, researchers, and educators, and its biased representation can influence how women are viewed and treated in these fields. When women are not included in the narrative, it can lead to their achievements being overlooked and their voices being silenced. To address this issue, various initiatives have been launched to increase the representation of women on Wikipedia. These initiatives aim to encourage more women to contribute to the platform, and to ensure that women’s perspectives and contributions are given equal weight to their male counterparts. For example, the WikiWomen’s Collaborative is a group of editors who work to increase the representation of women on Wikipedia by creating and improving articles about women. 

Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Section (FTGS)

Feminist theory encompasses a wide range of perspectives and approaches, including liberal feminism, socialist feminism, radical feminism, intersectional feminism, and postmodern feminism, among others. Each of these perspectives offers unique insights into the ways in which gender shapes our social world, and each seeks to promote greater equality and justice for women and marginalized groups in different ways. which seeks to achieve equality through legal and political reform, to radical feminism, which argues that patriarchy is deeply ingrained in society and requires a fundamental reorganization of social relations. Other strands of feminist theory include Marxist feminism, which focuses on the intersections between gender and class, and intersectional feminism, which recognizes that gender inequality is often compounded by other forms of oppression, such as racism, homophobia, and ableism.

A silhouette of a person's face in front of a red heart

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

The term “women in red” refers to a project initiated by Wikipedia aimed at improving the representation of notable women in the online encyclopedia. The project started in 2015 and is ongoing, with the aim of creating new articles or improving existing ones about women who have made significant contributions in various fields but have been overlooked in mainstream media. The name “women in red” comes from the fact that the Wikipedia entries for women who are biographies are highlighted in red. The project has gained momentum over the years, with the participation of editors from all over the world. Women in red aims to address the gender gap in Wikipedia, which has been a long-standing issue. According to a study conducted in 2011, only 16 percent of Wikipedia’s biographies were about women. The project seeks to increase that number and provide a more comprehensive and accurate representation of women’s contributions to history. Through the Women in Red project, Wikipedia hopes to inspire more women to participate in editing, and to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse online encyclopedia.

Lack of Women in Wikipedia

 The exclusion of women on Wikipedia affects the way they are perceived in the public eye. The platform serves as a primary source of knowledge for millions of people worldwide, and the lack of representation of women on the site translates to a lack of recognition and appreciation for women’s contributions to society. The gender gap on Wikipedia has been shown to affect the visibility of women and their work, leading to a perpetuation of gender stereotypes and biases. This exclusion of women from the site also affects their ability to participate in online discussions and contribute to the development of knowledge on the site. many initiatives have been launched to address the gender gap on Wikipedia. These efforts include the creation of edit-a-thons, events where volunteers gather to write and edit Wikipedia articles about women, and the establishment of WikiProjects, which are groups of volunteers who work to improve the representation of women on the site. These initiatives have been successful in improving the representation of women on the site, but there is still much work to be done. The gender gap on Wikipedia is a well-documented issue that has garnered attention from scholars, activists, and journalists alike. The problem lies in the fact that Wikipedia’s user base is predominantly male, resulting in a lack of representation and coverage of women on the site.

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Reflective Essay

I worked in a group for project 3 and the members are Maggie Lin and Jianping Chen. We chose to do a remix of project 2 which was about Wikipedia. The specific topic is the harassment that the female editors encountered which led to the exclusion of female work. Systematic gender bias has been a problem of Wikipedia for a long time. There is the negligence of women in the bibliography where only nearly 20% of the 19 million population are women. Plus, female editors’ work is more easily deleted or rejected by other editors. This problem should be brought up and more people should be aware of this. 

For the remix of this project, we decided to do a podcast. Compared to an essay or a blog, podcasts are more convenient. People can listen to it while doing other things and it does not take long to listen. It is a good way for people to catch up on information in a short amount of time. It also creates a humorous environment that is not informative for the audience to feel bored. Podcasts also helped to find different types of audiences other than students or professors. People with low incomes also listen to podcasts to get information. Podcasts are accessible to a wide range of people. 

Throughout the process of creating our podcast, there are challenges we encountered. At first, we were thinking about going off script and just asking the questions and then answering them. But we found out it is easy to go off-topic. So, we created a script for it. But it was harder than we thought. It makes sense when it is in writing, but it sounded weird when we said it out loud. Our script was more in a formal format which the tone might be dry and boring. We want the podcast to be more humorous so people will enjoy listening to it. We tried different ways of wording and used some phrases that were not formal. After we finished the script, we tried to record it, but it didn’t go smoothly. We would stumble too many times and use more time than we expected. I think it might be that we need more practice and rest between sentences. 

Additionally, we want our topic not to feel dry and boring. It is a serious topic and there is a lot of information given that would make people feel overwhelmed at once. Podcasts are more for entertainment purposes. Its goal is for people to get information in a relaxed atmosphere through sounds. We want our audience to enjoy it when they listen to our podcast while learning something. Plus, podcasts are short and a lot of information is not given which might inspire audiences’ interest to research on their own. And just like I said before, a lot of people have access to podcasts. It is not limited to a certain group of people. We want our audience to be not only limited to students and professors in school but a wider range. Therefore, more people would get to know this topic and know its issue. So maybe one day, there will be a solution to it. 

Nevertheless, podcasts give us a different way of doing the project. We need to do more research on this topic because we have limited time. It is hard to show every detail and would be long to talk about. We need to give information concisely and straightforwardly. We also need to change our tones which can help audiences to feel more connected. The feelings are expressed more clearly with the tone of the speaker. Also, our podcast is demonstrated through questions and answering mode. This creates a hook for the audience and might continue listening to the end. Like we asked the question, can you imagine if you were one of the editors and your work was being judged by others? This question is asking the audience to have a thought. It brings an etho that audiences feel relate to. This way, the audiences can have interaction with the hosts. 

There are constraints that we face when we edit the video. We recorded the script into five sections. We didn’t have experience editing a video, so we searched online. We learn to edit while we are doing the project. After we put all the sections together, we were thinking of putting a BGM, but we couldn’t figure out how to do it. We don’t know what kind of music would be a good fit and it might cover our voices. In the end, we didn’t put any background music. After we finished editing, we thought we could upload the podcast on YouTube. But we can’t upload pure audio. We had to make it into a video to publish our work. Since ours is only audio, we need an image for the cover page. We googled a picture but the picture is copyright protected. The image is not a Common Creative license. Therefore, we need to find a new cover page that is a Common Creative license. Then, we put the image into the editing app with the audio and created a video.

Lastly, we published our podcast on YouTube. Still, I think our project is not ready for public view. We still need to work on our tone and talking speed. In some parts, we talked too fast which is hard for audiences to follow. As for tone, I feel we talked too awkwardly and not too interactive. We should also put background music on so it wouldn’t be dry just as the hosts are talking. Music can sometimes bring audiences more into the topic and be enjoyable. Also, some word choices should be changed to create a more humorous atmosphere. Overall, these are the things we still need to work on.

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Jason Hernandez. Written Reflection

After learning about the impact of both the Black Panther Party and the Black Lives Matter movement, I started to learn more about the different impacts that I never noticed myself. I ran across a article that was talking about the poor Black representation in the Fashion Industry. From reading this article, I decided to research the impacts of fashion of both movements and talk about the current stance of black representation in fashion.

For my project, I thought it would be interesting and fun to talk about fashion. In this current world we live in, fashion is everywhere from stores, advertisements, social media, and even through the people we see everyday as we go through the city. Since a lot of the young people love fashion, the topic of the impacts of fashion of the Black Panther Party would be interesting to talk about. And I believe it is very important for them to know about the true black representation in the fashion industry. This can help bring awareness towards this issue because it is a topic that not many really talk about.

I am using a multi-media method with the use of slides. I want to use slides because imagery can help give the audience a better understanding of what I am trying to convey. And next to the image, I will have text that talks about the image. For when I talk about the uniform of the Black Panther Party, it help to have the images of the clothing. People will be able to recognize the piece of clothing. But with the text of the slide explaining its importance, people will gain a different perspective of the clothing. I will be showing the audience the value of uniform for its purpose and representation.

The importance of multi-media is that it help keep my audience focused and help them understand my research. With just pure texts, people can get bored or simply not understand what is going on. For example when I talk about the black representation in Vogue Magazine covers, not everyone will know what the Magazine is. The use of imagery is a method of adding extra information to who or what I am talking about. As long as the image on slide revolves around the topic that I am currently talking about, then it will be very effective towards my presentation. Besides the image being informative, it is also eye appealing where people will look at the image and listen to the information being told.

The affordance of my choice of media was extra time. I had to go further beyond my original research from my original research. I had to look for multiple images, research more about the uniform of the Black Panther Party, the current stance of black representation in the fashion industry, and the quantitative data that can help enhance my work. After researching, I had to work on the slides and learn about the tools I can use such as animation, the fonts, and the border lines. I had to test out different tools and see how they could improve my entire presentation.

The implication of sharing my work is that I get to spread my findings to others. The same way I was presented about the Black Panther Party and the Black Lives matter movement lead to me learning about the impacts of fashion is the same impact I want to have on other people. People can take a quick look at my slides online and get the general information. This can spark an curiousity for someone that can lead them to make their own further research. As I mentioned before, this is a topic that you don’t really hear anyone talk about. Not even I knew anything about the poor black representation in the fashion industry. Hopefully my slides can bring attention to anyone who wants to learn about it and make their own research towards this.

This was a fun and interesting project for me. I genuinely learned more about the fashion industry and the current issues going on with diverse representation, the impacts of fashion during the Black Panther Party movement, and I got to work on a presentation. I was expecting some sort of final essay. But instead we were given the chance to choose our own medium and work on a topic that we already worked on. I hope my slides can be shown to anyone and help them spark their own interest.

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Creative Remix Reflection

My decision to use project 2 instead of project 1 when doing my creative remix project was an easy one for me. Feminism and wanting women and men to be equal is something I try and always stand up for, so when the choice was given it was quick. I found out information on the woman in red I chose, Vivian Lucille Pierce by looking up her name on google. I only really came across one or two websites which had any relevant information for what I needed. But the information from these sites was enough to be able to know about the life of Pierce.

I believe using a presentation on slides or powerpoint is a much more effective method of spreading your information to the audience. The attention span of college students nowadays has been depleted almost to extinction, every couple of minutes they look down to their phone and stop paying attention. With this being known, the best way to grasp the attention of the audience is with a slides presentation. Instead of just delivering an essay or written piece verbally to the audience. I personally am in this group of people who have trouble paying attention to straight lectures so when there is something I can look at on the screen it makes it much easier to gain knowledge from it. The use of this multimedia format rather than just a written essay is beneficial to the effective spread of information from presenter to audience. 

The choice to use slides for this project was easy because of how accustomed I am to the program. Now, originally I was going to use powerpoint, a program I have been using since elementary school. But due to technology complications I was forced to use Google Slides, which unfortunately does not have the same creative capabilities as powerpoint. I tried my best to customize the presentation but there really isn’t much you could do on Slides. To add to this issue the fact that Vivian Lucille Pierce has a whopping total of one photo of her on google, which I am not even completely sure is a picture of her. This did not help my goal of creating an immersive presentation to teach my audience about the women in red I chose. Regardless, I tried to make it look as good as I could, using one of the few ‘themes’ on Google Slides to make it look a little better on the eyes than just a plain white and black slideshow.

Sharing my work in a public venue beyond the classroom would require much more work and understanding of the topic. I am assuming that a public venue beyond the classroom would imply that we are pretending I would be giving this presentation to a group of people who have no clue about the project or information I am sharing with them. If this is the case then I feel that I am pretty confident that with my topic and slideshow, I could give a good presentation. With showing off a presentation like this to people that have not a clue what is being discussed beforehand, it is good to be on top of background information even not shared on the slideshow. This will make you look like you’re very fine tuned with the information on the topic and in their eyes see you as a viable source of information. If these people do not see you as a trustable source, or if you seem like you have no idea what you are talking about then it would be hard to garner the attention of every person in the audience for the length of the presentation.

The knowledge I have gained from this class over the semester as well as ENG 2100, and my previous high school classes helped greatly with the way I am able to write and finish these projects. 

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Creative Remix Proposal

For the Creative Remix Project, I will be choosing my project 2. In this essay, I wrote about gender bias on Wikipedia and about my Woman in Red. I will also add elements of Feminist Theory and the Patriarchy, as they were mentioned in my essay. I will be doing a podcast, roughly 8-10 minutes long, and I will be having a guest speaker. I will make the podcast a simple conversation between two people. I am planning on diving deep into reasons for gender bias and want to incorporate ways to combat it. 

I believe that the change of medium from an essay to a podcast will make the topics more impactful. With a podcast, viewers are hearing, rather reading, the information. The use of voices could impact the emotional aspect, as when a person on the podcast may exclaim shock, the viewer may exclaim shock as well. This would add to the impactfullness of the information being given. Since the podcast will only be a couple minutes long, I think it would make sense to speak about the most important topics about the essay, and in this instance, it would be gender bias on Wikipedia. I will be taking sources into account. The hard part will be squeezing the information to make it only a couple minutes, which is why we will only be mentioning the most important parts of the essay. I decided to choose a podcast because it is something that I have never done before, and doing it would be fun. 

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Project 3: Diary of an 18-year-old Activist

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Creative Remix Project 3

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