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This blog will  be used to post news and updates from BCTC.

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Student domain migration

We’ve begun the process of streamlining Baruch College AD accounts by moving student accounts from the STUDENTS domain to the BC (Baruch College) domain.  This change was performed overnight on January 24th.

Students should not notice any significant changes, services have been updated to support logging into the new domain.  We are tracking some small issues but fully intend to resolve them before the start of the semester.

This change is necessary to begin the process of migrating all accounts at Baruch to a new Active Directory domain structure.  The new domain will greatly simplify logging in all over campus (students, faculty and staff will just need their username to log in to all services), and our new domain servers will allow us to implement the latest version of Microsoft Exchange for faculty and staff.  This also goes hand-in-hand with the use of the new “Baruch” SSID for Wi-Fi, which will allow faculty, staff, and students to configure their devices identically.


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Voicemail outage, 1/23/2017-1/24/2017

Sometime overnight before Monday, January 23rd, we experienced a complete failure of the College voice mail system.  Replacement hardware was installed, and the system was brought back online as of 11:30pm Tuesday, January 24th.  Unfortunately, while mailbox information was able to be restored (mailbox names and passwords), we were unable to recover voice mails from our most recent backup.

As a result of this failure, we are taking extra steps to reduce the chance of data loss.  We’ve added an additional redundant drive to the system, and will be reviewing backup procedures to ensure we can restore the system reliably.  We’ve also upgraded to a newer version of the voice mail software.

We thank the community for their patience and apologize sincerely for any disruption.

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