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Baruch Zoom will use CUNY Login after December 29th, 2021

UPDATE: January 3rd: Please go here for the latest summary of what has changed.

UPDATE, December 30th: Zoom logins have now been changed for most users to CUNY Login. You must now use as the SSO login address as the is not currently working. There may be some accounts that did not migrate correctly; please contact the BCTC Helpdesk and we will troubleshoot.

NOTE: The timing of the Zoom change is now after 4pm on Wednesday, December 29th, 2021.

We have been working behind the scenes and are now ready to implement the change of Zoom authentication to CUNY Login as of December 29th, 2021. This date was chosen as the least disruptive time–after fall semester is complete, but before January and Spring sessions begin.

The change will mean that instead of using your Baruch username and password to access Zoom you will use your CUNY Login like you do for CUNYfirst, Blackboard, and other CUNY-provided services.

The change will be a migration of your account from your Baruch username and email address to the CUNY Login. This means that all account settings, meetings, recordings, etc, will still be associated with your account. We have been told by Zoom that meetings will be accessible both at and once the change is completed.

We cannot predict every change that will happen but we are expecting not much to change other than the method you use to log in to Zoom.

At this point we are planning to have Zoom be unavailable from 4pm on Wednesday, December 29th through noon on Thursday, December 30th. During this time you will not be able to use your Baruch or CUNY Zoom account to run or attend meetings. We are still finalizing the exact schedule with CUNY and Zoom but we don’t expect for this to take longer than the allotted time. It is possible that the entire migration will be finished on the evening on the 29th but we’re requesting people don’t anticipate being able to log in to Zoom until the afternoon of December 30th.

While we have mapped current Baruch usernames/emails to CUNY Logins for nearly every user, there are some situations where things will behave differently. One is for students, faculty or staff with a primary affiliation other than Baruch Collge. There can only be one CUNY Login for those users and so it’s possible that your CUNY Login account will be affiliated with another CUNY college. If you were already using your CUNY Login to access that other school’s Zoom configuration that will not change but you will no longer have a separate login for Baruch. In most cases this will actually simplify Zoom usage.

Another thing that will change is the use of “Baruch users only” for Zoom security. Since the accounts will all be instead of or, limiting to Baruch users will not work the same way it did before. However, limiting to CUNY users will provide similar security (and will work better for users without a primary affiliation of Baruch). We are still considering the impact of the change on login security and will be able to provide fully updated instructions once the change is completed. Watch this space.

We also understand that configuration of alternative hosts should still work and in fact the usernames specified will migrate to the CUNY Login usernames.

One final consideration for the migration are Zoom accounts associated with resource accounts for departments. These accounts will need to have CUNY Logins created for the migration. CUNY has outlined a process for us to follow to configure those accounts. We will be compiling a list of resource accounts in Zoom and working with CUNY to enable those CUNY Login accounts before the migration so they are successful.

If after December 30th you have troubles logging into Zoom or do not see what you expect, you can contact the BCTC Helpdesk who will be able to troubleshoot the issue and determine what needs to be done.

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