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eduroam now available at Baruch

The “eduroam” wireless network is now available at Baruch!  Thank you to the networking team at Baruch and CUNY CIS for getting this done.

What this means is that any user from another eduroam organization can log into the Wi-Fi at Baruch by using the “eduroam” SSID and the login credentials from their home institution.  Baruch users can also use their CUNY Login username and password to connect to eduroam both on campus and at any other eduroam institution.  Users from other CUNY schools who come to Baruch can also use eduroam and their CUNY Login to access wireless while on campus.

While you will now see the eduroam SSID everywhere on campus, you should continue to use the Baruch SSID for your normal network access if you’re a Baruch student, faculty or staff member, since it will provide access to additional on-campus resources that eduroam will not.

Connecting to eduroam

In most cases, you will just need to find the “eduroam” wireless network, and when it asks for a username and password provide your CUNY Login username ( and password.  If you need to configure settings, the following ones will work:

Security:  WPA2 Enterprise
EAP method: PEAP
CA Certificate:  don’t validate
Phase 2 Authentication: GTC

Attached is a screenshot from a Samsung phone showing the setup with the above options (in most cases you shouldn’t need to enter anything but the “CA Certificate” option)

Android phone connecting to eduroam SSID, with Security set to WPA/WPA2 Enterprise, CA certificate set to "don't validate" and Phase 2 authentication set to "GTC"

This is what it looks like on an iPhone:

Connectign to "eduroam" Username is CUNY Login, password is CUNY Login password.


Windows and macOS are similar as well.  Once you configure eduroam at Baruch it will work anyplace eduroam is available.

For additional information about eduroam you can go to .

We look forward to being able to provide this service to the Baruch community as well as both CUNY and external visitors to Baruch.


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LinkedIn Learning

The College has licensed LinkedIn Learning for all currently-enrolled Baruch College students and current employees.

LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform that includes over 16,000 expert-led courses across many subject areas with a focus on business, technology-related, and creative skills. Users are able to receive personalized recommendations or discover, complete, and track courses related to their own interests.

LinkedIn Learning content includes the courses formerly offered via  In addition, the College has incorporated thousands of courses, videos, and books from its subscription to O’Reilly, an online learning platform in the field of information technology.

There are courses that will led to certification credentials.   If you choose to link your LinkedIn Learning account to your LinkedIn profile, you can download course completion certificates to your profile.  Please note that once you link the two, after you log in with your CUNY Login username and password, you may also have to log in with your LinkedIn credentials, if you had previously logged out of that system.

By default LinkedIn Learning will send you recommendations of courses, but you can manage those communications in your user profile.

Login to LinkedIn Learning using your CUNY Login Credentials.

Below are examples of courses that have already been used by members of the Baruch community.

Screen shot of Project Management Course


Screen shot of Managerial Economics opening page

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