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Problems with Outlook clients on campus

We are having numerous issues with Outlook on campus, some of the symptoms are:

  • Frequent popups for authentication, which no combination of username/password will work for
  • Loss of your on-campus email
  • Slowness and reduced performance
  • Not being able to receive or send new emails

These issues are being caused by configuration changes we are making at Baruch and CUNY which are causing Outlook to behave differently depending on how it is configured, the version of Windows its running on and other factors. Since we are in the midst of our email transition some of these inconsistencies are unavoidable.

We are pushing out a configuration change that will help to fix many of these problems. Most users will have no problems after Friday evening when this fix is deployed on campus Windows computers.

If that fix does not cause your mailbox to work normally on your desktop, we are asking users to remove their M365 mailbox for the time being. You will add it back on Tuesday when mail is then going to that mailbox.

  1. Go to “File” and then select “Account Settings”, and then “Account Settings” in the dropdown box:

2) Along with your mailbox, you may see a “” mailbox; if you do, remove it (it was already removed here) by selecting it and clicking “Remove”:

3. Restart Outlook.

NOTE: If you still have problems with Outlook after this, you may need to build a new Outlook profile, but BCTC can assist with that.

If you’re having trouble with Outlook on the desktop you can always get to your email by going to which will contain your up-to-date copy of email.

These issues will only be a concern until May 3rd when all Baruch mail will go to the Microsoft 365 mailbox. We will provide further instructions on how to maintain your Outlook then if necessary.

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Configuring your iOS or iPadOS device for M365 with the Apple Mail app

  1. Open the “Settings” app, and select “Mail”:

2. Select “Accounts”:

3. Select “Add Account”:

4. Select “Microsoft Exchange” as the account type:

5. Enter your CUNY Login address in the “Email” field. You can enter whatever you like in the “Description” field. When it asks if you want to sign in to your account with Microsoft, select “Sign In”:

6. You will be presented with the CUNY Web Applications Login. Enter your CUNY Login address again and your CUNY Login password:

CUNY Web Applications Login

7. Leave all the checkboxes selected in the screen below:

8. That’s it! You’ll see your M365 mailbox in the list of accounts:

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Configuring your M365 Email Account on Outlook for Mac

  1. Select “Outlook/Preferences” from the menu bar:

  2. Select “Accounts”:

  3. Go to the plus sign at the lower left of the accounts list, and select “New Account”:
    New Account

  4. Enter in your CUNY Login address ( in the email address field:
    enter your CUNY Login

  5. Enter your CUNY Login and password in the CUNY Web Applications Login screen:

    CUNY Web Applications Login

  6. Click “Done” at the screen after you log in:

    Click Done


  • These instructions are for Outlook for Mac 2019 or later.
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Configuring your CUNY M365 Email account in Outlook for Windows

  1. Go to “File” in Outlook”:
    File option in Outlook menu

  2. Select “Add Account”:
    Add Account

  3. If prompted for the account type (depending on the versions of Outlook and Windows you may not see this screen), select “Microsoft 365”:
    Office 365 should be chosen.
  4. In the dialog box, type in your full CUNY Login username ( Note: If you have Teams or OneDrive on your computer and are logged in to your CUNY Login account, this box may already be filled with your CUNY Login:
    Enter your CUNY Login address in the box
  5. You will be directed to the CUNY Web Applications Login page:
    CUNY Web Applications Login

  6. You will be prompted to restart Outlook:
    Restart Outlook for changes to take effect.

  7. Restart Outlook and you will see both your current mailbox and your new Office 365 mailbox:


  • In some instances you may not be prompted to enter your CUNY Login credentials. This may happen if you’re currently logged into OneDrive or Teams on your computer. It will depend on the version of Windows and other applications you’re running. But if you’re not prompted to log in and you have other Microsoft apps logged in with your CUNY Login credentials that is normal
  • The menu items above may look slightly different whether you have Office 2019 or the Office 365 version of Outlook installed on your computer. Most Baruch office desktops have Office 2019; if you downloaded Outlook on your home computer to use during the pandemic you probably have Office 365.
  • These instructions do not work for Office 2016 or earlier. Office 2019 or later is the supported version of Outlook for access to M365.
  • You do not need to use the Baruch VPN to access either your current Exchange email or the M365 mailbox.
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