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How Instructors Can Hide Exam Grades in Blackboard

  1. In the Blackboard course, go to the Grade Center (in the lower left Course Management/Control Panel area)
  2. In the exam column’s header cell, click the down arrow: Downward arrow in Blackboard
  3. In the pop-up menu, select “Edit Column Information”

Edit Column Settings






  1. Scroll down and select “No” for the “Show this column to students”

Show columns Option in Blackboard

Note that the instructions say: “Select No for the second option to hide this column from students in My Grades which prevents the student from viewing the exam grade even if the test is automatically graded.

  1. Click “Submit”


To display the grades later, the instructor only needs to choose “Yes” instead of “No” for the option “Show this column to students” and this will reveal the exam score to each student.


NOTE: the steps above hide the overall exam grade.  To ensure that students do not see their scores on individual questions of the exam, make sure you have selected the appropriate settings in the “Show Test Results and Feedback to Students” section of the “Test Options” for your exam.  The most straightforward way to hide question scores and other information is to make sure that none of the checkboxes is selected in this section:

Screenshot of Blackboard Show Test Results Option

If you would like to show students some of the information in the “Show Test Results and Feedback to Students” section, please refer to this PDF guide (10 pages):


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