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Security Changes to Zoom (update)

At 6pm on December 27th CUNY CIS will enforce the following Zoom security settings to ensure meeting security:

  • A passcode will be required when setting up all Zoom meetings (scheduled, instant and personal) and webinars 
  • All Zoom meeting and webinar attendees will be required to enter the passcode to access the meeting
  • The use of the Zoom waiting room to validate attendees will be enforced  

These changes will be for all CUNY users and can not be overridden individually or by campus.

Please note that CUNY has set the waiting room options to have anyone in the CUNY Zoom instance to bypass the waiting room by default, and this option also can’t be overridden:

Screenshot of Waiting Room security options showing the the waiting room is bypassed for authenticated users on the same account.

We do anticipate this may necessitate a change in open meetings for support; the potential solution is to require registration and publicly post the registration link instead of the open meeting link.  This will also allow offices holding Zoom office hours to get emails of their customers for followup.

This change is a full enforcement of the current CUNY policy on securing Zoom meetings and is a response to continued meeting disruptions (“zoombombing”) across CUNY.

  • You can learn more about these changes, as well as best practices when setting up and running Zoom meetings, by attending one of the following training sessions:  Wednesday, December 28, 2-3pm Wednesday, January 11, 2-3pm Tuesday, January 24, 11am-12pm  To register for one of these training sessions, please visit  If you are unable to attend the training, you can either review: 
  • A training recording to be available with other Zoom training recordings in the CIS Training Zoom channel in Microsoft 365 Stream.
  • The Zoom Security Protocol document on the CUNY website and in CUNY IT Help [KB0011713] outlines required and recommended Zoom settings, as well as best practices, to ensure safe and secure Zoom meetings and webinars.
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