How to Add Multifactor Methods to your Microsoft 365 account

On December 13th BCTC and CUNY CIS will make MFA mandatory for all faculty and staff.  If MFA is enforced and you don’t have multifactor methods enabled in advance you will have to do it before moving ahead with your sign-in.  Doing it in advance will help you log in when MFA is enforced for your account.

CUNY has a website that discusses MFA for M365, which includes an FAQ.

Please follow the instructions below to set up MFA.  You will be prompted to do this at login within the next few days, but you can set it up in advance of the prompt.

Log into Office 365 from the Quick Links drop-down using your CUNY login credentials, or go to “” from your browser, and log in with your CUNY Login credentials to Micrsoft 365.

Select the QuickLInks menu on Baruch Websites, and go to Office 365.

In the upper right corner, click on your name.

Click on your name on the top right of the page.


A drop-down will appear—select View Account.

The "View Account" option is highlighted.


On the My Account page, look for the section called Security Info.  Select Update Info.


Click "Update Info" in the box titled "Security Info"


On the Security Info page, select +Add Sign in Method.

click on "Add sign-in method"


The add method screen will appear and prompt you to choose a method.  The prompts for each method will be straightforward. We recommend using the Authenticator App as your primary method.

Select at least one method. "Authenticator app" is highlighted here.

After you have added a few methods, you will want to ensure that the “Default sign-in method” listed is the one you prefer.  You will still be offered all methods when entering your sign-in verification.

When you are done, close the window to exit.

The BCTC help desk can assist, if you have any questions.

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