Deploying Email Fixes

BCTC has developed and tested the strategy for resolving the remaining email and calendar transition issues and will be deploying it to administrative offices over the coming days.

The steps include building a new Outlook profile that only talks to Microsoft 365 and making the address primary there. We are also simplifying access to shared mailboxes.

We are working to deploy this solution as quickly as possible to all administrative offices; we will be coordinating with divisional vice presidents to schedule on a per-office basis (as defined by the VPs and relevant managers). We need all staff in an office to be available in person or remotely accessing their office computer when the transition is made. Even though most of the changes will be deployed automatically, we will be available via Zoom during an office’s cutover to ensure that users can log in and access email, as well as configure access to any shared mailboxes.

If you have not been able to migrate your email to the new system, you will be instructed to access it through webmail at for the time being. We are nearing the ability to complete migrating maliboxes in an automated fashion in the background, a process that may take several weeks but will happen with no additional user intervention.

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  1. BLu says:

    Prior to the email migration, I was able to send email merges through MS Word using my office Resource mailboxes, by setting that mailbox as default in outlook account settings> data files. After the migration, the resource mailboxes are no longer listed in the accounts. How should I go about sending mail merges now?

    Thank you.

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