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Zoom Meeting Changes

Please be advised that as of September 27th, all Zoom meetings will either require a passcode or a waiting room. There are more details available at

Please note that according to the CUNY Zoom Security Protocol, all CUNY Zoom meetings should have a password as per CUNY policy. Having a password or a waiting room are two important ways to reduce the possibility of Zoombombing in your meeting.

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How to Request and Use a Loaner MiFi Hotspot

T-Mobile Hotspot


Baruch College students who do not have Internet access at home may request to borrow one of the MiFi hotspots that the University has provided. The units use a T-mobile plan that is covered by the University.  There is no cost to students.  The loan period is the semester.

The supply is very limited.  Priority will be given to students based on financial need.

To Submit a Request

Complete the request form.  Note (if no hotspots are available at the moment, the choice will not appear on the request form.)

To Connect to Wi-Fi

The T-Mobile hotspot has been pre-configured and is ready to use. When you receive the device please do the following to start using it.

  1. Press and hold the Power button for 3 seconds to turn on device.
  2. Power LED light settings:
    a. Light off –power is off.
    b. Light on, solid – power is off, device is charging.
    c. Light on, blinking – power on, operating normally.
  3. When the device is on, press the Power button quickly to go through device menu and information. This will toggle the display to show Home screen, data usage, Wi-Fi name, Wi-Fi password, Web Admin URL, and back to Home screen.
  4. You will need the Wi-Fi name and Wi-Fi password to connect to the hotspot.
  5. On the device you want to connect to the Hotspot; find the Wi-Fi name (FranklinT9####). Click connect and enter the Wi-Fi password from your hotspot display.

To Change the Password

  1. Connect your Wi-Fi-capable device to the T9 Wi-Fi.
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to http://mobile.hotspot or
  3. Click Settings in the navigation area.
  4. Select the Wi-Fi Settings tab.
  5. Change the password that appears in the Password field.


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How Baruch College Students Can Request to Borrow Equipment

Equipment loans are handled at the technology loan desk in the Newman Library.  Loans will be transacted on site in the Library.  The items available for loan and the associated loan periods are listed on the Library’s technology loan services page.  A few items are available for semester-long loan while supplies last.  They may be requested using the equipment loan form

The College’s main student computing lab, the Kaplan Computing & Technology Center, will be open by appointment.  

The procedures listed below were used while the Library was not open for students to borrow from the technology loan desk.  Those procedures no longer apply.


Baruch College’s equipment loan program provides students with Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, and other devices that support online learning.   At this time the equipment is being mailed to requesters.  There is no cost to borrow equipment and the loan period is for the semester. 

To Submit a Request:

  1. Log into CUNYFirst.
  2. On the CUNYfirst entry screen look for the section headed “Tell Us Your Tech Needs”.
  3. Click on the link to the “CUNY Technology Needs Form.”
  4. When the Survey Portal appears click on “Tell Us Your Tech Needs”.
  5. Answer the questions and submit the form.

Here is a video of the request process.

What Happens After You Submit the Request?

The technology loan staff review the request to make sure that the item is in stock.  If there is a problem with the request, you will be notified by email.  Otherwise, the information you submitted on the form will be used to produce the shipping label to get the device to you via UPS.  Shipments are done twice per week.  As soon as the item is ready to be shipped, you will receive an email message that will provide the information you need to track the delivery.  If you do not hear anything in a few days, it means that you submitted the request just after a shipment batch was prepared.  Your device will be included in the next shipment batch.  Please do not resubmit a request, because a duplicate order will cause a delay in shipping the item in the original request.


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Remote Access to our Student Computer Lab

Baruch students can now remotely access the software on the computers in the main student lab (Kaplan Center) using BCTC’s new Online Labs application (

This is especially helpful for students who are working with devices that cannot support the installation of software that is required for their courses.

This remote access service is designed for the use of software that is installed on the lab computers.  It should not be used for software that is delivered via the CUNY Virtual Desktop (  SPSS, SAS, ArcGIS, Mathematica, Maplesoft and Matlab).  Also, it should not be used for access to Adobe Creative Cloud in classes that require its use.

Access is limited to Baruch students.  Faculty and staff should continue to use VPN to access the software on office computers.

Arthur Downing
Vice President for Information Services and Dean of the Library

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