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The Kaplan Computing and Technology Center is now open!

After about 9 months of renovations, we’re proud to say the renovated Kaplan Computing Center is now open!  Awaiting our customers are the following new features:

  • All new computers–with 27″ 4K monitors, and computers with Core i7 processors and 16GB of RAM to power through advanced academic applications.
  • Upgraded printing services–new devices (color here, B&W on the way) in a dedicated printer alcove that will provide faster printing, and the ability to submit jobs from your own laptops or the web
  • An improved Helpdesk with access from the 6th floor corridor and the lab itself, with an actual counter at which to work on devices and issues.  Also, people working at the desk will be disrupted less by phone calls in the back of the helpdesk area
  • Six group collaboration rooms with 65-inch displays, and forthcoming ability for users to plug in their own devices, and engage in 2-way videoconferencing
  • An upgraded and expanded Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) area, with AC power and USB charging outlets for devices
  • A second loaner laptop kiosk to expand the lab capacity with day-long loaner devices, as well as portable power for phones, tablets, and laptops
  • All new furniture and seating, including comfortable lounge furniture, some with tablet arms
  • Greatly upgraded and expanded wireless, one of the first public locations of the rollout of our campuswide wireless refresh

We will be continuing to expand services and capacity of the labs throughout the semester, and we urge you to stay tuned for these exciting developments.

Here’s some pictures of the space:

A lab computer with a view of the Empire State Building
A lab computer with a view of the Empire State Building
The BCTC Helpdesk working with customers
The BCTC Helpdesk working with customers
The new printer alcove
The new printer alcove